We need each of you to write and call the following Legislators. Please be brief and very respectful:

Tell each legislator that you OPPOSE SB 22-031. Tell them that you support Colorado Parks and Wildlife and their ability to manage our wildlife and make scientific decisions regarding our wildlife.

Senator Rhonda Fields

Senator Don Coram

Senator Jerry Sonnenberg

Senator Kerry Donovan

Senator Jessie Danielson

Senator Sonya Jaquez Lewis

Senator Joann Ginal

Representative Judy Amabile

Representative Monica Duran

Senator Leroy Garcia

Senator Stephen Fenberg

Senator Chris Holbert

Representative Alec Garnett

Representative Adrienne Benavidez

Representative Daneya Esgar

Representative Hugh McKean

Hunting Rights Attacked in Colorado



CPW celebrates National Hunting and Fishing Day to honor Colorado sportspeople contributing to wildlife and land conservation

DENVER – Colorado Parks and Wildlife is celebrating National Hunting and Fishing Day on Saturday, Sept. 25, 2021 to celebrate and honor all the valuable contributions Colorado’s sportspeople make to conserving our wildlife populations and state lands.

Governor Jared Polis officially proclaimed Sept. 25 as Hunting and Fishing Day in Colorado as well as a day of tribute to the Colorado hunters and anglers that fund conservation projects to sustain healthy ecosystems for future generations.

Coloradans have a rich tradition of embracing an outdoor lifestyle and participating in outdoor recreation that involves wildlife in their natural habitats, including hunting and fishing. Our outdoor resources are the foundation of our strong economy and a key contributor to the Colorado way of life. In order to ensure that outdoor traditions can be passed down to future generations, Colorado Parks and Wildlife is dedicated to protecting critical wildlife habitats so wildlife and recreation can be enjoyed in Colorado for decades to come.

Colorado hunters and anglers are key contributors in ensuring our state’s wildlife legacy continues to prosper in a meaningful way. CPW is grateful that sportspeople who purchase a hunting and fishing license and habitat stamp take pride in funding wildlife conservation efforts that range from improving riparian habitat for fisheries, funding for new state parks, protecting wildlife habitat and state and federal species of concern, restoring sagebrush or cutting down invasive trees.

CPW remains committed to connecting people to the great outdoors and dedicating funds to sustain state lands. Learn more about Colorado’s Outdoor Principles and how outdoor recreation can be enjoyed and balanced with thoughtful conservation.

44th Annual CTPHA Convention

Garfield County, Rifle, Colorado

August 13th15th, 2021

Elections were held at the Membership Meeting on Sunday, August 15th, 2021.

Vice President – Chris Jurney

Secretary/Treasurer – Karen Gates

SouthWest Director – Christy Cressler

NorthEast Director – Naomi Yates

Proposed Amendment to By-Laws (Electronic Meetings) was Approved

CPW announces members selected for Gray Wolf Reintroduction Technical Working Group and Stakeholder Advisory Group

DENVER — Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW) has selected the membership for both the Technical Working Group (TWG) and the Stakeholder Advisory Group (SAG) convened to serve as advisory bodies to the agency as the Commission and CPW staff plan the implementation of Proposition 114.

The combined experience and input of these groups will help guide CPW staff and the Commission in the final direction to restore and manage gray wolves in Colorado no later than December 31, 2023.

“We want to thank all of those that submitted an application or considered an offer to participate in these important advisory groups,” said CPW Director Dan Prenzlow. “While this is certainly an opportunity to share perspectives and expertise, it’s important to note it is also a significant commitment of time and energy, and we greatly appreciate all those who volunteered their time. We are now eager to get to work with those selected to move forward with us on the implementation process.”

The TWG will review and contribute expertise towards the development of conservation objectives, management strategies and damage prevention and compensation planning. The members selected for the TWG are:
Scott Becker – United States Fish and Wildlife Service – Wyoming Wolf Coordinator
Alan Bitner – Bureau of Land Management – Deputy State Director – Resources
Stewart Breck – National Wildlife Research Center – Research Wildlife Biologist
Roblyn Brown – Oregon Fish and Game – Wildlife Biologist
Wayne East – Colorado Department of Agriculture – Agricultural/Wildlife Liaison
Justin Gude – Montana Fish Wildlife and Parks – Research and Technical Services Bureau Chief
Jonathan Houck – Gunnison County Commissioner
Mike Jimenez – USFWS retired
Merrit Linke – Grand County Commissioner
Steve Lohr – United States Forest Service – Renewable Resources Director Rocky Mountain Region
Martin Lowney – Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service – State Director
Carter Niemeyer – USFWS retired
Eric Odell – Colorado Parks and Wildlife – Species Conservation Biologist
Mike Phillips – Rocky Mountain Wolf Project
John Sanderson – Center for Collaborative Conservation – CSU – Director
Doug Smith National Park Service – Project Leader Yellowstone/Jennifer Carpenter -Associate Regional Director for Resource Stewardship and Science
Robin Young – Colorado State University Extension Service – Extension Agent

The SAG will provide a range of viewpoints from diverse geographic areas of the state and propose considerations for the plans developed by the TWG. The members selected for the SAG are:
Matt Barnes (W) – Dolores. Runs range science business and works with the Northern Rockies Conservation Cooperative (human/carnivore coexistence)
Donald Broom (W) – Craig. Moffat County Commissioner
Jenny Burbey (W) – Hesperus. President of CO Outfitters Association, Outfitter, livestock producer
Bob Chastain – Colorado Springs. President/CEO of Cheyenne Mountain Zoo
Renee Deal (W) – Somerset. Rancher, outfitter, member of agricultural groups
Adam Gall (W) – Paonia. Wolf biologist for 5 years in Idaho, employed by Nez Perce tribe
Dan Gates – Canon City. Chair of Coloradans for Responsible Wildlife Management
John Howard (W) – Grand Junction. Former CPW commissioner
Francie Jacober (W) – Carbondale. Pitkin County Commissioner
Lenny Klingesmith (W) – Meeker. Rancher and outfitter, member of agricultural groups
Darlene Kobobel – Divide. Colorado Wolf & Wildlife Center
Tom Kourlis – Castle Rock. Rancher and Outfitter, Former Commissioner of Agriculture, member of agricultural groups
Brian Kurzel – Denver. Rocky Mountain Regional Executive Director for the National Wildlife Federation
Hallie Mahowald (W) – Salida. Program Director of Western Landowners Alliance
Jonathan Proctor – Denver. Regional Director for Defenders of Wildlife
Gary Skiba (W) – Durango. Wildlife Program Manager, San Juan Citizen Alliance
Department of Natural Resources Executive Director Dan Gibbs, Colorado Parks and Wildlife Director Dan Prenzlow and Colorado Department of Agriculture Commissioner Kate Greenberg will serve as Ex-Officio members.

(W) – Denotes Western Slope representation

For additional information on the next steps and phases of planning for the reintroduction of gray wolves, please visit the Stay Informed page on the CPW website, or sign up for CPW’s Gray Wolf Reintroduction eNewsletter.

Colorado Fur Trappers:

Words cannot express how thankful and honored I am to receive such a gracious gift that I will cherish for a lifetime. It has always been a dream of mine to own a real fur jacket, and I still can’t believe that now I get to own one and wear it proudly as the next Miss Rodeo Colorado. I also want to thank you for inviting me to be a part of this year’s rendezvous, and I can’t wait to attend next year as Miss Rodeo Colorado 2020!

With much gratitude

Hailey Fredericks

Miss Rodeo Colorado Lady-in-Waiting

Brosheeid in Fur Taker


Advertising campaign on Colorado Parks and Wildlife truck

The Colorado Trappers and Predator Hunters Association  is the State’s leading promoter of Trapping and Fur Harvesting activities while playing a intricate part in the education and management of the State’s Furbearing Animals, while upholding the ideals of our unique trapping heritage. The CTPHA  continues to not only be part of the Colorado Parks and Wildlife stakeholders processes but also continues to take on the various non-consumptive groups that are trying to not only take away hunting and trapping but also decide on how all Wildlife is managed.

The CTPHA  Fur Auction held in February of each year in Hugo, Colorado provides a venue for Trappers and Fur Harvesters to sell their fur throughout Colorado and the West while allowing them to get their furs to the Worldwide market and supporting the industry. The auction generates hundreds of thousands of dollars in Fur sales while helping to keep alive the Fur harvesting opportunities.

The CTPHA  also exhibits to over 500,000 people annually at the Denver National Western Stock Show while educating the general public about trapping, hunting and general wildlife management. During this event the CTPHA  continues to donate a Fur Coat to Miss. Rodeo Colorado while continuing to promote the industry.

Additionally, the CTPHA  provides Scholarships to the NRA Whittington Center Youth Outdoor Adventure Camp to further the education about hunting, trapping, and the need for such activities for future generations. Affiliations with the National Trappers Association and the Fur Takers of America as well as Furbearers Unlimited have allowed the Colorado Trappers and Predator Hunters Association  to become one of the top advocates in the Western United States while defending Sportsmens Rights in general, also the CTPHA provides scholarships for continuing education relating to Wildlife Management, Agriculture, Biology, Forestry, and Environmental Sciences.

While being a 501 C-6 and addressing the concerns of its hundreds of members the Colorado Trappers and Predator Hunters Association  continues to provide the education and dedication to further promote Furbearer Management as well as recreational opportunities within the State.



The official website for Colorado trappers & predator hunters