2019 Raffle winners

Here are the lucky winners of the 2019 Raffle:

#1- Legacy .204 Ruger- won by Bill Herrman

#2- Remington 783 6.5 Creedmoor- won by Greg Ashmore

#3- Ruger American Predator .308 Winchester- won by Chad Roberson

#4- TC Compass 7mm-08- won by Roy Seim

#5- TC Compact 50 Cal Muzzleloader- won by Gabe Lucero

#6- Moss 500 Combo 12 gauge- won by Joe Mellott

#7- Remington 870 XP 20 gauge- won by Tyler Brown

#8- Savage Axis .223- won by Ros Hatch

#9- Genuine Fur Bear (Donated by Clifford’s Critter Creations)- won by Brian Sullivan

#10- $100 (Donated by Bruce Bartow)- won by Shirley Cotton

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