2017 Reports

Vice President Report

Hey everybody,

By the time, you read this the fur sales should be almost over and I hope everyone is happy with their fur harvest and checks. As most of you know there are some things the Anti’s are working on here in Colorado. This brings up a topic that we have discussed before but it needs to re addressed, We need to gather as a group of sportsman and woman that trap. We need to work and participate on all sportsman’s issues not just trapping issues. We are all on the same team. We need people to participate in all things, conventions, banquets, setting up and or helping at booths at stores or shows. Everything we do, we need to be promoting the organization and what we do.

We need to do everything we can to educate the public on the science and ethics of all outdoor sports. We are always being watched and we need to do everything we can prove our relevance to the agency and the public. I also wanted to touch on social media, there have been some posts from trappers in Colorado videoing things that does not do us any justice. I understand that we should not be ashamed of who we are or what we do in the outdoors, a little common sense goes a very long way in this day and age.

By the time you read this the Banquet will have already come and gone. It is looking like it should be another great one. We are also working on the 2017 Convention at the Colorado Youth Outdoors Facility in Fort Collins. We will need help with this event. Any one that wants to be more involved we would love to have you help. We are going to need sponsors and donations as well as vendors. If you want to be involved and participate here is your chance. Lets continue to make the CTPHA great, relevant, and solidify our existence.


Joe Herrman

Vice President


Raffle Manager’s Report

 Hello fellow sportsmen! My name is Scott Cisco, and I am the new Raffle Manager for CTPHA. Thank you to Dan Schirer for helping to set me up for success. He has done a great job as Raffle Manager.  Marvin Benthin and I have been working diligently to make sure that we have a great raffle at the Rendezvous. Just a quick update, the Rendezvous will be August 25-27, at Colorado Youth Outdoors, 4927 East CR 36 in Fort Collins CO 80528. We will have great prizes including a Polaris 550 EFI Sportsman ATV, some great guns, and cold hard cash! The proceeds from this raffle go to education and promotion of the tradition and heritage of trapping, fur harvesting and professional wildlife management along with sending scholarship recipients to the NRA Whittington Center Youth Outdoor Adventure Camp.  Be sure and get involved in this great cause! You can purchase raffle tickets for $5.00 ea./5 for $20.00 If you need more information, please contact Scott Cisco, 970-219-1629 or email at bambamcisco@thinair.net.

 Scott Cisco

Raffle Manager, CTPHA

P.O. Box   245

Windsor CO 80550

President’s Spring Report

 What a whirl wind already this year.  Between Commission Meetings, Sportmen’s and Animal Welfare Caucus Hearings, Predator Management Plan litigation, banquets, trapping working group meetings and more there isn’t much time for anything else.  I did manage to get all my traps pulled yesterday and am heading to Denver in 10 minutes for the March Commission Meeting. 

 As we gear up for the Spring it is important for everyone to try to pick up some of the load that is needed.  The Colorado Trappers and Predator Hunters can use your help.  We need problem solvers.  We need people that want to engage in the process.  We need people who care about the outcomes.  Not just complainers but people who actually want to make a difference.  Whether trapping or predator hunting or deer hunting or fishing is your passion get involved.  Some organization out there could use those people as well. 

 It’s discouraging when going to the Capital and standing in the enemies chambers with 150 animal rights wacko’s and you look around and there is only two other Sportsmen besides yourself.  It’s no wonder that we are not as effective as what we could be. 

 Colorado has about 926,000 Sportsmen.  That is roughly 20% of the population of the State.  Trappers make up less than ½ of 1% of that.  Not only are we in the extreme minority we have done a very ineffective job of conveying our message and collaborating with other Sportsmen groups.  Those other groups are a 1000 times better than us when it comes to messaging, but they have not done as good as what has been needed to get people to understand the basics of what Scientific Professional Wildlife Management is and who pays for that management.  It’s the Sportsmen. 

 As I continue to promote as best as I can it bewilders me how hard it is to get people engaged in the process.  Not only is it important ,it is the basic life line of our very own survival.  Being a member of any organization is the first step but getting involved takes much more dedication and effort.  As we move forward with the tons of things that we are doing, stop, and thank your Board of Directors and Committee Members for doing what they do.

 Attend a function, banquet, meeting or show up to the Capital one day.  Go to a skinning demonstration, do something. Get involved.

 Until next time, hope your furs sold well.

Dan Gates


CTPHA Board Reports for the Feb 5, 2017, Membership Meeting

Northwest Regional Director Kevin Herrman

How time flies it seems we were just at the Rendezvous/Convention and now we are getting ready to go to the Fur Auction/Meeting in Hugo. We set up our annual winter camp the first part of December in North West Colorado and were able to stay until the end of January. Joe and I attended the Public Comment Meeting for the Proposed Predator Management Programs in Denver September 19th. The antis filled the room and only a handful of sportsmen attended. In December the commission approved the Predator Management Programs- my hat is off to them for making this decision. We are working on the 4th annual FBU Banquet. The banquet will be on March 25th in Grand Junction. Please attend, as usual we need help with donations, gun sponsorships and help at the event. Last year’s banquet set the record for dollars raised, let’s do it again!

Southwest Regional Director Daniel Uhrich

I  taught a trapping and predator calling 101 for the Colorado Parks and Wildlife in December, teaching 41 people about cage trapping and both daytime and nighttime predator calling. This was a 3 hour class covering equipment, tactics, rules and regulations.


Northeast Regional Director Randy Smith

We’ve had some successes in the NE especially the exposure we received at the 2017 Colorado Farm Show, 3 days of visitors to our booth which was partnered with CPW. Thanks to Ethan and Fuzzy and Scott for their assistance with the booth and getting our message out to agricultural visitors.

Back in September the Greeley History Museum hosted its annual fall History-fest at Centennial Village, where over 2400 regional school kids had a chance to visit 2 educational stations that offered “Fur History” in Colorado as well as take home pieces of fur to share with other kids in telling if their experiences.

Our local FFA leader sent 4 students to the museum to learn more about trapping and predator management. The interest was in learning trapping to protect their livestock and property. I provided two evenings of demonstrations and practical training. Since this session I have received additional requests to provide training to other kids and parents involved in FFA and


We will be hosting our 2017 convention in Ft Collins this summer and we will be working and striving to provide a successful, fun and informative event. Thank you for all your support and assurance.

Southeast Regional Director Ethan Gates

Since the convention in Calhan, I have been quite busy with the association activities and preparing for this years events as well.

September 19th, 2016, I appeared and testified at the Predator Management Public Session in Denver and actually made it on the news.

October 19th, 2016, I assisted in a skinning demonstration at the Colorado Springs Sportsmans Warehouse with about 40 attendees, and through the month of October returned all of the banners and accessories to the supporting sponsors from the convention.

October 26th, November 3rd and November 15th, 2016 attended Predator Management Public Meetings in Pueblo, Canon City and Salida.

December 14th, attended the Ft. Collins Predator Management Meeting with roughly 300 attendees.

January, 2017, delivered all the stuff for Chris Jurney to set up the CTPHA Booth at the ISE Sportshow in Denver.

January 24th-26th, 2017 delivered, setup and ran CTPHA Booth at the 2017 Colorado Farm Show along with Randy Smith and Scott Cisco and Fuzzy.

From now throughout the Spring and Summer assist in multiple CTPHA scheduled events and prepare for the FBU Banquet, the WAFWA Conference, our Convention and whatever else is needed.

Historian Dick Hane

I have completed a first sorting of all the materials I have collected from everyone including the last boxes I got from Bill Curns this fall.  There is an amazing amount of info to try to get organized. I will keep working on it as I can spare the time.

Secretary-Treasurer Cheryl Oleyar

Currently our association has 253 members, including 27 life members. Changing magazines has taken extra time and correspondence to try to avoid confusion. Members seem to be happy with the Trappers Post.

Our membership with the National Trappers Association has been renewed. The secretary tries to submit a report for every issue of The Trapper & Predator Caller and The Trappers Post, in which she recognizes new members and alerts readers to upcoming events. She will see that the 990 tax report is filed on time.

She attended the memorial service for Bill Curns and had a “woodsy” arrangement made for the family from the CTPHA. She submitted his obituary to the trapping magazines.


CTPHA’s Spring Membership Meeting will take place

Sunday, February 5, approx 11 am

4-H Building, Lincoln County Fairgrounds

Hugo, CO

Check in your furs for the auction on Sunday morning

and stay for the Membership Meeting!

President’s Report

They say that 2017 is the year of the Rooster. It is definitely going to better than last year, which was the year of the monkey. Many new things and great opportunities exist for Sportsmen of all types. As I write this, Don Clifford and many others are preparing for the Stock Show. Chris Jurney is getting ready to set a CTPHA Booth up at the Denver Sportmen’s Expo and the Colorado Farm Show in Greeley at the end of the month is being attended and represented with our organization by Randy Smith, Gary Crawford, Ethan Gates and Scott Cisco.

The Fur Auction is just around the corner in Hugo with our meetings on February 5th and Fur Check-in on the 4th and 5th and the Auction on the 8th and 9th and the Colorado Wildlife Control Operators Conference follows our Auction in Denver.

On a sad note, longtime member, trapper, sportsman and Fur Auction Consignment agent Bill Curns passed away after a long battle with Cancer on December 29th, 2016. Charitable Contributions can be made to Pikes Peak Hospice and Palliative Care, 2550 Tenderfoot Hill Street, Colorado Springs, CO 80906.

On a lighter note, on December 14th at a highly contested Commission Meeting in Ft. Collins the Colorado Parks and Wildlife Commission unanimously approved going forward with the 2 proposed Predator Management Plans in the Pieance Basin and the Upper Arkansas River Drainage. Thanks to Randy Smith, Gary Crawford, Ethan Gates, and several other CTPHA members for attending. Randy and I testified along with 20 other Sportsmen in support of the plans. It is imperative that we as trappers, predator hunters and sportsmen support scientific professional Wildlife Management. While we might not understand all of the ins and outs of what today’s Wildlife Mangers have to contend with we have to realize that while we will disagree on some things, the Wildlife Managers in this State and others are not the enemy. Working with these agencies on a number of issues for the benefit of the long-term goals and mission are of the utmost importance. We can disagree, negotiate, compromise, fight, for the same goals but they are not our enemies. The enemies were at the December meeting. Their intent is to stop it all. Every Species. Every method of take. Every Season and for any reason.

There are quite a few things coming down the pike during the course of this next year and I will attempt to be engaged and work on behalf of our association, the Furtakers of America, the National Trappers Association and Sportsmen throughout this State.

Remember that March 25th is the Furbearer’s Unlimited Banquet in Grand Junction. Keep checking our website for information on lots of things. Hundreds of people daily are. Mark your calendars for August 25th, 26th and 27th for our Annual Convention and Rendezvous at the Colorado Youth Outdoors Facility in Ft. Collins and keep looking for all the stuff that we are doing throughout the course of the year. This will be our busiest year yet.

I am alert, ready to take action, the first on the scene, the last to leave, I take chances, but I am precise. I know where things belong, I am orderly and fastidious and nothing escapes me. I am always prepared. I never give up or in. I am the Rooster.”……….. 2017 is the year of the rooster.

Happy New Year, help the cause.

Dan Gates


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