2019 Reports

President’s Report

A change is coming. Here in Colorado after last Novembers elections, some preservationists have decided to make a move and start revamping Wildlife Management and in an attempt to take away opportunity as well as alter the way that we manage and conserve our Wildlife Resources.

While Mountain Lions, Bears, Wolves, Sage Grouse and every other animal on the planet is on their radar, the topic of the day is BOBCATS. For those who are not aware, a Veterinarian from Telleride filed a Citizens Petition with the Parks and Wildlife Commission to ban the harvesting of Bobcats for what she determines to be recreational and commercial take. Without getting into the details here you can get a copy of the 7 page Petition on our website at Coloradotrapper.com. Go to the Updated Regulations Page and you can print it off.

Originally, the Petition was to be heard in the January Commission meeting but then was postponed due to logistics of opening multiple Wildlife Regulation Chapters which can only be addressed at certain times. The earliest that the Petition will be heard will be March of 2019 and maybe even after that depending on how things play out.

Comments can be submitted to the Division of Parks and Wildlife at 1313 Sherman Street, Denver, Colorado 80203 or can be emailed to dnr_cpwcommission@state.co.us. The Chairman of the Commission is John Howard john.howard@state.co.us. The Vice-Chair is Michelle Zimmerman and her email is michelle.zimmerman@state.co.us. The Secretary is James Vigil. His email is jim.vigil@state.co.us. The Director of Parks and Wildlife is Bob Broscheid. His email is bob.broscheid@state.co.us. Other Commission Members that should be contacted in opposing the petition are Robert Bray (Robert.bray@state.co.us); Matthew Burkett (matthew.burkett@state.co.us); Charles Garcia (charles.garcia@state.co.us); Marie Haskett (marie.haskett@state.co.us); Carrie Hauser (Carrie.Hauser@state.co.us); Marvin McDaniel (marvin.mcdaniel@state.co.us); Colleen Peppler (colleen.peppler@state.co.us); Jennifer Taylor (jennifer.taylor@state.co.us).

No matter when this is scheduled to be heard it is imperative to have respectful communication with this Commission in order to get them to understand the importance of scientific responsible Wildlife Management and the roll that sportsmen play in that management. If you live in Colorado it is imperative that you get engaged. If you live outside of Colorado we ask that you also comment in opposition to this petition and let the Commission know that you either hunt, vacation, ski, or do business in our State and that you understand the value of Responsible Wildlife Management and what is necessary to conserve the abundant resource while allowing for opportunity to partake in the time tested tradition of hunting, fishing and trapping so that all of Colorado’s residents and visitors alike can enjoy the Wildlife Resources for generations to come.

If you are an individual ,great. An association, fantastic. Maybe a Wildlife Manager. Maybe as a resident or non-resident you don’t even pursue Bobcats. It’s not a Bobcat Issue! It is a preservationist, animal rights, we don’t want you to harvest anything issue.

We in Colorado are formulating a strategy and we are working with multiple groups including, NWTF, RMEF, BGF, Colorado Bowhunters, Backcountry Hunters and Anglers, the FTA, the NTA, Sportsman’s Alliance, SCI, and tons of other groups and sportsmen as well.

While the Petition holds little water and the misinformation that is layed out we are not taking this lightly and we will do whatever is necessary to stop what is only the beginning of things to come.

Colorado is not the Colorado of the Past but it is mandatory that we address this in a manner that shows collaboration and solidarity in the Sportsmen community.

If anybody has any comments or questions please email me at dan@coloradoridacritter.com.

Our CTPHA Banquet is in Grand Junction, Colorado on April 27th and for more information you can contact Kandy Herrman at 970 379-6024.

Your association is active and participating in many functions from the ISE Sports show, National Western Stock Show, Colorado Farm Show and our big February Fur Auction.

If you do not engage, participate or help spread the positive word, who is to blame?

Until next time.
Dan Gates

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