2019 Reports

President’s Report

The annual convention Rendezvous went well with a good attendance, considering the current landscape. KUDOs need to go out to Joe Herrrman and the Herrman family as they have taken on a tremendous amount for the association and the cause.

A special thanks goes out to Miss. Rodeo Colorado Kelly Stockton and 2020 Lady in Waiting Hailey Fredrickson. They were there the entire weekend and are great representatives for Agriculture and Sportsmen.

The Garfield County Fairgrounds is a great location and is very reasonable. Next year’s convention will be held there again on August 14th and 15th, 2020. Some big names are being signed up for demo’s and speakers. We had the most vendors that we have had in quite some time and we signed up quite a few members.

Karen Gates was elected the new Secretary/Treasurer. A special thanks needs to go out to past Secretary/Treasurer Cheryl Oleyar as she dedicated 10 years to this cause. Finally, her and Claude are doing some traveling as they have sold their business and retired from dealing with the headaches and hassels of volunteering. Jana Jo Hindson stepped up to be the new Historian. Joe Herrman remains Vice-President. The NE Director continues to remain vacant.

Raffle Manager Kasey Townsend pulled off a huge success and increased the Raffle proceeds by 30% in her first year! Great job Kasey!

There is lots going on on the political front and our lobbyist is a giant asset in this process.

Changes in the dispatch methods will be finalized in November and it looks like legal methods of take and/or Association of Veterinary Medicine Standards will be implemented for dispatching captured Furbearing animals. This means the use of catch poles WILL NOT BE ALLOWED for dispatch. Adjust your practices accordingly.

The upcoming trapping season across the country has a lot of questions and the nationwide assault continues on multiple levels and I have continued to stress involvement and awareness. While we in the association are attempting to retain what we have it is up to the members to assist. If they do not, they have no one to blame but themselves. Maybe it is the Convention. Maybe the Stockshow. Maybe a Commission Meeting. The Fur Auction would be a good choice to help. Attend a Legislative function. There will be more wildlife related issues during the next legislative session in State and Nationwide than one could fathom and it is imperative to be aware and educate.

The victory that we had in May was a single scoring drive in a season full of games. We cannot think for a minute that that won the championship. We need to remain agile and prepare for the next drive.

The Leadership is doing that and your participation is warranted. Try to be part of the solution not the problem. If you have a complaint provide an alternative. Working together inside and outside of your wheelhouse is the only way we will sustain what we cherish. The opposition is growing rapidly. Not because they actually oppose conservation but because they are ignorant and uneducated.

Putting up a smart fight is better than just showing up to fight.

Don’t sit idle. Support the cause.

Until next time,
Dan Gates, President


We would like to welcome our new members and we are very excited they have joined our association and look forward to their participation. They are Monty Elder, Rangley, CO; Joe Joyce, LaVeta, CO; Ryan Lahti, Silt, CO; Paul Martensen, Montrose, CO; Derrick Roberts, Rifle, CO; Devin Staker, Craig, CO and Si Woodruff, Meeker, CO.

Our convention was in Rifle this past August, and as always was a lot of fun and a great fundraiser. I would like to thank Cheryl for her past 10 years of serving as the Secretary/Treasurer and hope she enjoys her retirement, it is duly deserved!

I am the newly elected Secretary/Treasurer and my name is Karen Gates. Over the past 9 years I have participated at a variety of different levels in support of your President Dan Gates and while I know a lot of you I look forward to meeting the ones I don’t know while helping to try to keep what someone is always trying to be take away. Taking on this new role will be an easy transition because, this is what we do. We need to unify and continue to organize our efforts. My new contact information is P.O. Box 193, Canon City, CO 81215. Phone number is 719 275-4077 and the new email will be office@coltpha.com. Please feel free to contact me anytime and I look forward to serving you.

As a reminder, please go to our website coloradotrapper.com for the most recent updates and information.

Happy Holidays!

President’s Report

May 9th, 2019 Colorado Parks & Wildlife Commission Meeting, Grand Junction, Colorado. While some think we might have dodged a bullet, that is true, however, we actually drew a line in the sand. 6 months of preparation. Hundreds and hundreds of hours of work. Postponements, misinformation, unwarranted attacks, lies, deceit and an animal rights community that despises what hunters, trappers, anglers and Wildlife Managers covet so highly came to head and exploded with the best possible results.

A unanimous 10 to 0 vote that denied the Citizen’s Petition to ban Bobcat Trapping and Hunting in Colorado. Over 180 Sportsmen turned out with a much smaller number of Animal Rights enthusiasts that all showed up either in support or opposition to the multi pointed Petition that was filled with misinformation, inaccuracies and lies. While the Commission Members heard the lies on one side and the facts on the other they did the right thing by opting to make their decision based upon science, Wildlife Management and the North American Model of the Wildlife Conservation.

While we won the battle, the war continues as the opposition vows to try other methods to take away any and all tools, methods of take, species, seasons, opportunities and management objectives. It is not that we harvest too much, it is that we harvest any.

With as much that is going on in Colorado and other places it is mandatory that Sportsmen, whether they Duck hunt or Elk hunt or trap, predator hunt or have a passion for fishing, that they get off of their asses and activate. Mobilize. Engage. Put up a fricking fight!

What we do is not only right, it is essestional to the survival of Wildlife Management and what we all supposedly stand for. Look in the mirror. Look on the wall of your house. Look at your grand kids or your kids. Look at all of the equipment that you have acquired, no matter how you like to spend time in the woods. Look at all of your photographs and recall the memories from when you were a kid on that special hunt with Grandpa or how you missed that giant buck that you have never seen again. The memory of taking your kid trapping and them catching their first muskrat. Recalling sitting around the campfire after a successful harvest. Digging out the truck in the snow storm. The feeling of ice cold water hitting your foot in chest waders that you just realized that you did not patch from the last season. This is why we do what we do.

Are you going to sit idle. While this is all taken away? If you don’t know how to get involved find out! If you don’t, what you cherish or say that you cherish WILL be taken away. It is not a matter of if, but when!

Multiple meetings over the course of the Summer include a trip to Washington DC, the FTA Convention in Virginia, the NTA Convention in Missouri and Commission Meetings scattered throughout the State plus dozens of others as well.

This years convention that will be held at the Garfield County Fairgrounds in Rifle, Colorado on August 16th and 17th, 2019. Sponsors and vendors are needed and welcome. Contact Joe Herrman for more information at 970 309-0865. Motels are available in the area. Camper camping on site is available and no tent camping will be allowed.

As usual Kandy Herrman and crew put on an exceptional banquet on April 27th, in Grand Junction. Great job guys!!

Raffle Manager Kacey Townsend has the Raffle Tickets that will be going out and if you need more call her at 970 379-4680.

We will be looking for a new Secretary/Treasurer as Cheryl has decided with them retiring that she needs to step away.

Also looking for a Northeast Director to fill the vacant spot and the Historian that Dick Hane has relinquished duties of.

We had a fantastic Sportsmen Day at the Capitol where we fed Wild Game Meat to 300 Legislators, staff and sportsmen. We attended the 3 day Partners in the Outdoor Conference in April where the CTPHA sponsored feeding 550 representatives from 250 organizations.

This is what it takes to survive. A big thanks goes out to the following organizations that joined forces in opposing the Bobcat Petition. This is also what it takes. Coloradans for Responsible Wildlife Management, Safari Club International, El Paso County Shooting Sports, Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, Sertoma International, Colorado Wildlife Control Operators Association, Fur Takers of America, Colorado Bowhunters Association, Four Corners SCI, Colorado State Muzzleloading Association, Mule Deer Foundation, National Wild Turkey Federation, Colorado Mule Deer Association, Big Game Forever, Rocky Mountain Bighorn Society, National Shooting Sports Foundation, Colorado Outfitters Association, Congressional Sportsmen Foundation, Sportsmen for Community, J&D Outfitters, Chris Jurney Outfitting, Delta Waterfowl, Rocky Mountain Roosters, National Trappers Association, Pheasants Forever, RMR Sporting Adventures, Quail Unlimited, Colorado Wildlife Federation, Back Country Hunters and Anglers, Colorado Cattlemen Association, and the Colorado Wool Growers Association. If you want there to be a next time, jump in with both feet. If you don’t you might not get a chance.

Dan Gates

Annual Meeting Notice

Sunday, August 18, 2019
Garfield County Fairgrounds
10:00 AM

Because of the recent increase in the subscription fee for the Trapper’s Post, the Board recommends that membership dues which include a Trapper’s Post subscription be increased from $30 to $35 per year, beginning with the January/February, 2020, issue of the Trapper’s Post. Dues for a membership without the magazine will remain at $25 per year.
This dues increase involves an amendment to the CTPHA bylaws and will be voted on at the Annual Meeting at the Rendezvous at the Garfield Co. Fairgrounds, August 17-18. See below:
ARTICLE IV – Dues and Fiscal Year
Section 1. Dues.
A. Annual dues shall be as follows:
1. Membership with a subscription to the Trapper’s Post (6 issues or 12 months) – $30.00 $35.00.
2. Membership without a subscription to Trapper’s Post – $25.00.
B. The annual dues shall be established by the members at the Annual Meeting for the next calendar year.

President’s Report

Be careful what you wish for. As I mentioned in the last report things are changing here in Colorado and will continue to do so. Just how much has not been determined yet but change is coming.

Hopefully you have attempted to keep up with what is going on however, nothing is ever as it seems. The Petition to ban the harvesting of Bobcats that was filed with the Colorado Parks & Wildlife in November of last year that was scheduled for January and postponed until March was once again postponed until May in Grand Junction.

It is time for a full court press. Comments need to be submitted to oppose this Citizen’s Petition to the Division of Parks and Wildlife at 1313 Sherman Street, Denver, CO 80203. Additionally, one can email the Commissioners at the following email addresses. This is imperative as since my last update there are 3 new Wildlife Commissioners and currently there is no Director of Colorado Parks and Wildlife as our friend and Director Bob Broschied saw the writing on the wall and took a job as the Director of the Arizona’s Parks Department. As I previously said change is coming. When contacting the following Commissioners and acting Director Jeff Versteeg please be respectful, concise and to the point. Talk about management, science and what Colorado Parks and Wildlifes mission and objective is and how it relates to you and your lifestyle. Whoever you know that supports hunting, trapping and fishing needs to take the time to do this. Emails can be sent to dnr_cpwcommission@state.co.us. The Chairman of the Commission is John Howard john.howard@state.co.us. The Vice-Chair is Michelle Zimmerman and her email is michelle.zimmerman@state.co.us. The Secretary is James Vigil. His email is jim.vigil@state.co.us. The acting Director of Parks and Wildlife is Jeff Versteeg. His email is jeff.ver_steeg@state.co.us. Other Commission Members that should be contacted in opposing the petition are Robert Bray (Robert.bray@state.co.us); Charles Garcia (charles.garcia@state.co.us); Marie Haskett (marie.haskett@state.co.us); Marvin McDaniel (marvin.mcdaniel@state.co.us); Eden Vardy (eden.vardy@state.co.us); Luke Schafer (luke.schafer@state.co.us); Taishya Adams (Taishya.adams@state.co.us).

Given the amount of social media canon fodder that is going around from the idiot animal rights community there appears to be a fair amount of traction building on supporting this petition to Ban the Harvest of Bobcats. Also looking into what has been going on in other States the movement is trying to alter laws, rules and regulations pertaining to anything that has to do with Wildlife Management.

In addition to sending a letter or an email to the Commission personal support by attending the May Commission Meeting in Grand Junction would be greatly warranted. While the agenda has not been set for that meeting the dates of the meeting are May 9th and 10th. Please take the time, take a day off of work, take a short road trip with the wife and kids. We need to show up and support scientific biological wildlife management. This is only a sliver of what is to come down the road. One does not need to testify. Just show up and support. As time gets closer you can get more information on the CPW website about timing and so forth. You can also get information and a copy of the Petition at coloradotrapper.com. Go to the Updated Regulations Page.

Don’t forget the CTPHA Banquet in Grand Junction on April 27th. For more info and tickets contact Kandy Herrman at 970 379-6024. Also if you have any questions or comments please contact me at dan@coloradoridacritter.com.

And a word of caution! Help curtail the stupid, idiotic on-line ranting and raving from so called sportsmen that create an atmosphere of ignorance from their asinine statements. They know who they are. You know who they are. And they are not part of us. They are not for the cause. They are the problem.

Please spread the word and help us slay this dragon whether it be from within or from an attack on the outside.

Remember the Convention Rendezvous is in Rifle on August 16th and 17th at the Garfield County Fairgrounds.

“Moving the needle is not enough. One has to attempt to change the climate.”
Dan Gates

Membership Meeting Minutes, February 3, 2019

President Gates called the Membership Meeting to order at 11:45 AM on Sunday, February 3rd, at the Event Building at the Lincoln County Fairgrounds, Hugo. A quorum was present.

Minutes Approval and Treasurers Report
The minutes of the August 26th Annual Meeting were approved as distributed. Treasurer Oleyar presented the annual general fund financial report, which was filed. The Secretary-Treasurer’s written report is attached.

Officer Reports:

President Dan Gates reported that CPW Director Bob Broscheid resigned and a replacement has not yet been named. Jeff Ver Steeg is acting CPW Director, John Howard is temporary Chairman of the Commission, and Dan Gibbs is Executive Director of the Department of Natural Resources. With the changes, CPW may not sponsor any personnel to attend the FTA Trappers College. The four commissioners just appointed by Governor Hickenlooper may be replaced by Governor Polis, as he has asked them to submit applications. The petition to ban the harvest of bobcats is on our website. It was initiated by an individual in Telluride. Under the umbrella organization of Coloradans for Responsible Wildlife Management, we have joined forces with other sportsmen’s associations to hire a lobbyist. The hearing on the petition to ban bobcat harvesting has been postponed to the May Commission meeting in Grand Junction. We need lots of members to attend. Any correspondence or personal appeals to Commissioners must be respectful and informed. Disruptive activity must be curtailed or it will destroy our credibility and turn Commissioners against us. In the legislature, of the bills introduced so far for this session, 18 refer to wildlife issues.

George Kortum, a fur buyer, volunteered a donation for advertising regarding the petition to ban the harvesting bobcats. He suggested billboards along I-25 or on buildings facing streets. Wording could be “Hunting and Trapping, An American (or Colorado) Tradition. Vote ….” Scott Cisco said he has a contact for an electronic billboard.

Vice President Joe Herrman’s report was given by NW Regional Director Kevin Herrman. The Garfield County Fairgrounds have been reserved for our Rendezvous August 17-18. There will be indoor spaces for vendors, dining, etc. The Herrman’s will be doing Heritage Days again. Joe spoke at a local cattlemen’s group, where concerns about wolves were expressed.

SW Regional Director Chris Jurney shared space in his booth at the Sportsmen’s Expo with CTPHA again this year, where they gave away over a hundred CTPHA brochures and Trapper’s Post magazines. He stressed how important collaboration with other sportsmen’s groups is. He is participating in the wolf working group.

NE Regional Director Scott Cisco helped for three days at the Stock Show booth and three days at the Greeley Farm Show where he passed out all the fliers he had. CPW support was high.

SE Regional Director Ethan Gates picks up the slack for his family. He has been attending meetings and events to represent our association.

Metro Regional Director Gary Crawford submitted a written report which is attached.

Fur Auction Manager Greg Ashmore said they are replacing a few more of the old racks and have gotten a new trailer. He will dispose of the old trailer. He will enclose “Just Say NO to Animal Activists” fliers with checks to consignors. He distributed the Fur Auction Financial Statement for 2018.

Stock Show Booth Manager Don Clifford was unable to attend, but Ryan Clifford reported that even though attendance was down a little, the booth did well. They gave out approximately 500 fliers and Fur-Fish-Game magazines. The Booth’s Financial Report for August 23, 2018, to January 1, 2019, was passed out.

Raffle Manager Kacy Herrman has obtained her raffle license and needs sponsors and donations for raffle prizes. She has a list she can email to anyone interested.

Committee Reports:

Finance Committee Chairman Kandy Herrman invited Thomas and Brit Waugh of Agora Wealth Management to attend our meeting and get signatures needed to complete setting up CTPHA’s accounts. The Finance Committee needs reports on all accounts by May 1.

The Facebook Committee has been replaced by Stephen Barrington who is improving our outreach through advertising.

The Bylaws Committee reported that the Board had approved the proposed bylaws amendment:
“that the Board recommends that membership dues which include a Trapper’s Post subscription be increased to $35 per year, beginning with the Jan/Feb 2020 Trappers Post issue. Dues for a membership without the magazine will remain at $25 per year.”


The CTPHA Sportsman’s Conservation Banquet will be held on April 27th in Grand Junction at the DoubleTree. Kandy will be sending out information to members. Donations for the auction are needed. Hopefully Miss Rodeo Colorado will attend.

The meeting adjourned at 1:13 PM.

Cheryl Oleyar, Secretary
Metro Director’s Report, February, 2019

Things have been pretty slow in the Metro District until the Stock Show started. In spite of some of the help at the booth, I again helped with sorting money into useable amounts and making some of the bank deposits.
I also attended the Legislature’s Sportsman’s Caucus with our President Gates. Due mostly to the day of the week and time of day, I was unsuccessful in getting anyone else in the district to make it there.
January 20th I received an email from a gentleman who says he has two Havahart #1081, 1-door traps for sale. The traps measure 15x15x42 and are advertised on Havahart for $220/pair plus freight. He’s asking $150/pair. Anyone interested, I have his email address and cell phone number.
We received two complimentary tickets to a Miss Rodeo Colorado Sponsors Appreciation event on February 2nd in Pueblo, CO. I passed on the tickets to Dan so Ethan Gates and a friend could represent the CTPHA at that event. Bruce Bartow said he would, again, send a beaver pelt to be in the silent auction fund raiser at the same event.
Members, for any part of the state or other states, should feel free to contact me if there is anything I can help you with in the Metro District. – Gary Crawford

Currently our association has 229 members, including 29 life members.
Our membership with the National Trappers Association has been renewed. The secretary tries to submit a report for every issue of The Trappers Post, in which she recognizes new members and alerts readers to upcoming events.
She will see that the IRS tax report and Secretary of State report are filed on time.
The Trapper’s Post will be increasing association magazine subscriptions to $14 per year, beginning with the May/June, 2019, issue. We have been paying $13 per subscription and presently charge $30 for a membership with a Trapper’s Post subscription. Does the Board and membership think we should charge more because of this increase? Bear in mind that we did not increase dues in 2016 when we changed to the Trapper’s Post, which cost $1 more per year than the Trapper and Predator Caller. Since member dues are stated in the bylaws, a change in dues would require an amendment to the bylaws, which requires previous notice to all members. A decision to increase dues must be made in time for notice to be posted on the website and in the July/August issue of the Post before the Annual Meeting at the Rendezvous. It is recommended that, if a dues increase is approved, it take effect with the January/February, 2020, issue of the Trapper’s Post.
The secretary-treasurer will not be seeking re-election at the Annual Meeting in August. She is resigning from most of her activities now that her husband is retired. It has been a pleasure to serve this association for ten years as secretary-treasurer. – Cheryl Oleyar

President’s Report

A change is coming. Here in Colorado after last Novembers elections, some preservationists have decided to make a move and start revamping Wildlife Management and in an attempt to take away opportunity as well as alter the way that we manage and conserve our Wildlife Resources.

While Mountain Lions, Bears, Wolves, Sage Grouse and every other animal on the planet is on their radar, the topic of the day is BOBCATS. For those who are not aware, a Veterinarian from Telleride filed a Citizens Petition with the Parks and Wildlife Commission to ban the harvesting of Bobcats for what she determines to be recreational and commercial take. Without getting into the details here you can get a copy of the 7 page Petition on our website at Coloradotrapper.com. Go to the Updated Regulations Page and you can print it off.

Originally, the Petition was to be heard in the January Commission meeting but then was postponed due to logistics of opening multiple Wildlife Regulation Chapters which can only be addressed at certain times. The earliest that the Petition will be heard will be March of 2019 and maybe even after that depending on how things play out.

Comments can be submitted to the Division of Parks and Wildlife at 1313 Sherman Street, Denver, Colorado 80203 or can be emailed to dnr_cpwcommission@state.co.us. The Chairman of the Commission is John Howard john.howard@state.co.us. The Vice-Chair is Michelle Zimmerman and her email is michelle.zimmerman@state.co.us. The Secretary is James Vigil. His email is jim.vigil@state.co.us. The Director of Parks and Wildlife is Bob Broscheid. His email is bob.broscheid@state.co.us. Other Commission Members that should be contacted in opposing the petition are Robert Bray (Robert.bray@state.co.us); Matthew Burkett (matthew.burkett@state.co.us); Charles Garcia (charles.garcia@state.co.us); Marie Haskett (marie.haskett@state.co.us); Carrie Hauser (Carrie.Hauser@state.co.us); Marvin McDaniel (marvin.mcdaniel@state.co.us); Colleen Peppler (colleen.peppler@state.co.us); Jennifer Taylor (jennifer.taylor@state.co.us).

No matter when this is scheduled to be heard it is imperative to have respectful communication with this Commission in order to get them to understand the importance of scientific responsible Wildlife Management and the roll that sportsmen play in that management. If you live in Colorado it is imperative that you get engaged. If you live outside of Colorado we ask that you also comment in opposition to this petition and let the Commission know that you either hunt, vacation, ski, or do business in our State and that you understand the value of Responsible Wildlife Management and what is necessary to conserve the abundant resource while allowing for opportunity to partake in the time tested tradition of hunting, fishing and trapping so that all of Colorado’s residents and visitors alike can enjoy the Wildlife Resources for generations to come.

If you are an individual ,great. An association, fantastic. Maybe a Wildlife Manager. Maybe as a resident or non-resident you don’t even pursue Bobcats. It’s not a Bobcat Issue! It is a preservationist, animal rights, we don’t want you to harvest anything issue.

We in Colorado are formulating a strategy and we are working with multiple groups including, NWTF, RMEF, BGF, Colorado Bowhunters, Backcountry Hunters and Anglers, the FTA, the NTA, Sportsman’s Alliance, SCI, and tons of other groups and sportsmen as well.

While the Petition holds little water and the misinformation that is layed out we are not taking this lightly and we will do whatever is necessary to stop what is only the beginning of things to come.

Colorado is not the Colorado of the Past but it is mandatory that we address this in a manner that shows collaboration and solidarity in the Sportsmen community.

If anybody has any comments or questions please email me at dan@coloradoridacritter.com.

Our CTPHA Banquet is in Grand Junction, Colorado on April 27th and for more information you can contact Kandy Herrman at 970 379-6024.

Your association is active and participating in many functions from the ISE Sports show, National Western Stock Show, Colorado Farm Show and our big February Fur Auction.

If you do not engage, participate or help spread the positive word, who is to blame?

Until next time.
Dan Gates

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