2021 Reports

President’s Report

At the time of this writing the Holidays and New Year have come and gone. The Georgia Senate Election has not been decided. There has not been a Presidential Inauguration Covid is still rampid. Vaccines are being some what distributed. Black Lives Matter might matter to some and not to others because all lives matter. Wolves will be introduced into Colorado by 2023. The Colorado Fur Auction was CANCELED. Another Anti Trapping Citizen’s Petition by the Humane Society of the United States has been submitted to the Colorado Parks Wildlife Commission. The States Legislature started late by a month. New Wildlife Commission appointments are on the horizon. The Animal Rights Activists are trudging forward in the State, Regionally and Nationally. The Second Amendment is under assault. Public Lands are under attack either by the People supposedly recreating while trying to escape Covid or by State and Federal Governments. Oil and Gas is a bad word.

Solar, Wind, Vegan, Equity, Diversity, Inclusivity, Preservation, Gender Status, are supposedly all the good things that are yet to come and we should all be thankful for our First and Second Government Stimulus Checks.

Fur is bad. Ask an activist.

While we try to collaborate and align our allies and defend the North American Model of Wildlife Conservation the anti’s continually attack the very notion of it’s success and the criticism and attacks continue to show the bias and ignorance of our enemies. Not only do they not want us to have what we have, they do not want to have it either. The want it to go away. To stop. To cease. They will go to any level to make sure that their goal is accomplished. It doesn’t matter whether you trap or hunt with a bow. Whether you fish or hunt with a rifle. They want you, like them, to eat plants. They want your leather shoes, your wallets, your belts, your purses, your jackets, your car seats, your leather couch, your baseball gloves, your pig skin footballs, your steaks, eggs, milk, honey, bacon, fur coat, taxidermy, your rodeos, your zoo’s and whatever the hell else you can possible think of.

It is not about Trapping. It is not about Hunting. It’s about an entire agenda and they will not quit until they are forced to.

How do we change that? We FIGHT. Fight dirty if we have to. Get involved. Get engaged. Don’t let the enemy in your politics, in your legislature, on your boards or your committee’s. Take it up a notch.

Please contact one of your Board Members if you have questions regarding the association or check the Website.

Because of cancellations and Covid restrictions we will be hosting a Zoom Board Meeting probably sometime in March so keep an eye open for notifications of this and other association business.

Stand tall, aim small, miss small.

Dan Gates



Hope everyone is off to a good start for 2021. We can only hope it will be better than 2020. We would like to welcome our new members to our Association Cynthia Summer, Gunnison, CO and Chase Dollar, Del Norte, CO.

The Fur Auction has been Canceled and we will be sending out a Notice to all Members about a Zoom Meeting probably sometime in March. Keep a look out for the notification. As always there continues to be a lot of events/meetings canceled or postponed. Please make sure you continue to check the Website and Face Book for any changes and/or updates. We can only hope the COVID restrictions will continue to be lifted so we can start to see some normalcy in our lives. I would like to remind everyone, please continue signing up New Memberships. This has always been important, but it is especially now.

We now have PayPal up and running on the Coloradotrapper.com website. You can renew your Membership or Join our association. We also have merchandise that is available for purchase. This tool has been very effective and efficient so far. Please make sure you continue to checkout the website for updated information. This will be the most current.

Please let me know if you have an address, email or phone number change, that way I can make sure I have the correct information. If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to contact me at 719 275-4077 or office@coltpha.com.

Karen Gates


To amend ARTICLE VI – Membership Meetings, by adding Section 3. Electronic Meetings., allowing electronic meetings to be held when necessary.

Renumber current Section 3. Voting., to Section 4.

To amend ARTICLE VI – Membership Meetings, Section 4. Voting., by re-lettering current Subsection B to C. and inserting a new Subsection B., making voting by mail an option when an electronic meeting is held.

Proposed amendments are in bold lettering.

ARTICLE VI – Membership Meetings

Section 3. Electronic Meetings. In the event that a Membership Meeting (Regular or

Special) cannot be held as an official gathering in a specified location, the

meeting may be held by electronic means as long as there is opportunity for

simultaneous oral communication among all members. The call of the meeting

will include adequate instructions as to how to connect to and participate in the


Section 4. Voting.

  1. Members in good standing shall be entitled to one vote each.
  2. If a Regular Meeting is held electronically, voting for officers, directors, bylaw amendments and any other important business may be conducted by mail ballot as specified in ARTICLE VI, Section 2. B. 1-4.
  3. Vote by proxy is not permitted.

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