2018 Reports

CTPHA Board Reports for the 2018 Annual Meeting
August 26, 2018

Secretary-Treasurer, Cheryl Oleyar

Our current membership as of August 15 is 231, including 27 Life Members.
We are very grateful to Kandy Herrman and her team for hosting the FBU banquet again this year. The hard work they did to put on such a successful event is appreciated very much. And the association is over $11,333 richer!
The secretary attended the Board meeting in Frisco on May 19. At this meeting the board decided to set up an investment account with Agora Wealth Management, which would include funds from the General Fund, Fur Auction, Stock Show Booth and Raffle. These funds would be invested when they aren’t needed in the respective accounts to make some money for the association instead of just sitting in the accounts.
The 2017 tax return has been filed and all bills paid to date. The Secretary of State and second quarter tax filings have been completed. Member renewals and processing of new member applications are handled in a timely manner. My reports are published in The Trapper’s Post magazine.

Metro Regional Director, Gary Crawford

Since my last report, the only Assoc. activity I’ve participated in was the Miss Rodeo Colorado Pageant .
This is the 25th year we have sponsored Miss Rodeo Colorado by awarding her with a custom tailored fur coat . In recognition of our years of support , I was privileged to accept a beautiful , framed poster showing all 25 MRCs that we have supported . I hope to have that award displayed at the Rendezvous .
Kellie Stockton of Beulah,CO was chosen as MRC 2019 . At the time this report is written, she is planning to attend our BBQ at the Rendezvous to receive her Lynx coat.
SouthEast Director, Ethan Gates

Assisted Colorado Parks & Wildlife Trapping 101 demonstrations
Assisted with Cabela’s and Sportsman’s Warehouse trapping and skinning demonstrations
Attended Sportsman’s Roundtable meetings in Colorado Springs and Canon City
Helped facilitate and organize the Convention/Rendezvous
Attended the Cheyenne Frontier Days representing the CTPHA
Attended the Greeley Stampede representing the CTPHA
Raffle Manager, Scott Cisco

Currently there is $591.04 in the raffle account (Aug 24). We have been receiving raffle tickets in the mail. We have secured prizes, roughly costing $10,000.00. It cost $2200.00 and we sent Daniel Bristow and Wyatt Armstrong to the NRA adventure camp. It was about $1500.00 for advertising. It was roughly $2000.00 for raffle tickets and postage. Thank you to all the members, non-members and sponsors that are supporting this mission. We have had a lot of positive feedback from the advertising that we are doing. Thank you for all your support!
National Western Stock Show Booth Manager, Don Clifford

The stock show booth had the best year ever. We awarded two scholarships to Hannah Dilley and Kaitlyn Freeburg. Both are pursuing wildlife biology degrees. The new Miss Rodeo Colorado, Kellie Stockton, chose lynx for her coat, which will be presented at the Rendezvous/Convention BBQ dinner.


The Annual Meeting of the Colorado Trappers & Predator Hunters Association was called to order at 10:00 AM on Sunday, August 26th, at Rocky Mountain Roosters Hunting Club, Calhan. President Gates led the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America. He welcomed members and guests to the meeting.

The minutes of the February 7, 2016, Membership Meeting were approved as distributed. The financial report was distributed in the meeting packet.

Representatives from Agora Wealth Management, Thomas and Briton Waugh, gave a report to the membership about how investing unneeded funds from CTPHA accounts is a safe option. They answered questions from attendees.

President Dan Gates reported that the Future Generations Act passed and will increase license fees from $6 to $18, depending on the particular license. It is now tied to the consumer price index so fees will rise with the cost of living. CTPHA was represented, along with several sportsmen’s groups, in April for Sportsman’s Day at the state capitol. 300 capitol staff were fed a lunch of wild game meat. The Board approved donating up to $2,000 to help pay for a lobbyist, in a collaborative effort with the Sportsman’s Coalition. Gates attended the legislative BBQ at the State Fair last night and was recognized as the representative for trappers. The upcoming November election has long-range implications. Inform yourself and those you know concerning how the candidates stand on animal welfare issues. Mark Viera replaced Jerry Apker. We will be working with him on providing date on furbearer management.
Reintroduction of wolves will potentially affect the management of other species. Keep informed and attend meetings on this subject.

Vice President Joe Herrman helped with the FBU banquet, attended Commission meetings and a Big Game Forever banquet. The 2019 Convention will be on the western slope, location and dates to be announced.

Northwest Director Kevin Herrman also helped with the FBU banquet, and worked with Joe the same day at Heritage Days, during which they interacted with 700-800 kids. He attended the May Commission meeting, all the Board meetings, two wolf symposiums and the NTA Western National Convention.

Southeast Director Ethan Gates included a written report in the meeting packet.

Southwest Director Chris Jurney is unable to attend because of an injury. He received the CTPHA Trapper of the Year award, allowed CTPHA to use his booth at the Sportsman’s Expo, attended the Partners in Outdoors conference and has been at several functions at the capitol representing our association with our President.

Metro Director Gary Crawford is unable to attend because of back pain. He delivered a framed montage of pictures of 25 Miss Rodeo Colorado winners, all of whom have been given fur coats by the CTPHA. The montage is a gift from the Miss Rodeo Colorado Association for our support over the years.

Fur Auction Manager Greg Ashmore announced that the auction will be February 6 and 7. He brought flyers to distribute.

Stock Show Booth Manager Don Clifford needs to have your list by December 15 if you want to submit items to be sold at the booth. The bar codes worked well this year.

Raffle Manager Scott Cisco announced his resignation. He suggested using social media and selling tickets electronically in the future.
Historian Dick Hane has stepped down due to health issues.

Finance Committee Chairman Kandy Herrman has received financial statements on all the accounts. Committee member Dick Hane has resigned.

Rendezvous Committee Chairman Joe Herrman has resigned from being in charge of the shooting events. Don Gutierrez volunteered to do that in the future. Required insurance, security and emergency services may make shooting events too expensive to offer in the future.

Rendezvous Awards Committee Chairman Kandy Herrman said only eight nomination forms were received, out of approximately 250 sent out. A suggestion to use Survey Monkey will be explored. The committee will work with Gary Crawford on setting qualifications for Hall of Fame inductees.

Facebook Committee – send info to Kandy for Kacy Townsend to post.

FBU/CTPHA Banquet Chairman Kandy Herrman is planning the sixth banquet for April, 2019.

Special Orders

Election of officers:
The following were elected by unanimous consent: President – Dan Gates; NW Regional Director – Kevin Herrman; SE Regional Director – Ethan Gates; Metro Director – Gary Crawford.

Amendments to the bylaws were adopted:
Article V – Officers and Directors, Section 2. B. Amended by substituting for the last sentence: “It is recommended, but not imperative, that the Regional Director be a resident of the region he is elected to represent.”
Article VII – Board of Directors, Section 1. Amended by striking out “and the immediate past President” so that the section reads: “The Board of Directors shall be composed of: the President, Vice-President, Secretary-Treasurer, the five (5) Regional Directors (NE, NW, SE, SW and Metro), the Wildlife Commission Liaison, the Fur Auction Manager, the Western Stock Show Booth Manager, and the Raffle Manager.”

Membership dues:
It was moved, seconded and adopted that membership dues remain at $25 per year without the magazine and $30 per year with a subscription to the Trapper’s Post.

New Business

The President made the following appointments for the next term (2 years):
NE Director – Scott Cisco
Raffle Manager – Kacy Townsend
Raffle Committee – Kacy Townsend, Scott Cisco, Kandy Herrman, Kasey Wachtendorf
Finance Committee – Kandy Herrman, Jana Jo Hindson, Greg Ashmore, Bruce Bartow
Rendezvous Committee – Joe Herrman, Kevin Herrman, Ron Adams, Bill Trujillo
Rendezvous Awards Committee – Kandy Herrman, Gary Crawford, Jim Hooks, Bill Trujillo
Bylaws Committee – Cheryl Oleyar, Frances Beaudette
Facebook Committee – Kacy Townsend, Kandy Herrman, Kasey Wachtendorf

The meeting adjourned at 11:50 AM.

Cheryl Oleyar, Secretary


President’s Report

While this years Rendezvous Convention was smaller we made money. We promoted the Association. We promoted our cause and we continue to stay the course. We continue to build relationships, collaborate and be seen.

The 2019 Miss Rodeo Colorado, Kelly Stockton attended the convention and was presented with her coat, a Lynx, that your association provides.

Wayne East of the Department of Ag was awarded the Wildlife Professional of the Year which I presented to him at the Commission Meeting in Glenwood Springs. Chris Jurney was selected as Trapper of the Year and Scott Cisco, Workhorse of the Year. These dedicated individuals are what helps your association thrive and survive.

On the Friday of the Convention I left and attended the Legislative Barbecue at the State Fair. I was invited and it was well worth attending.

The Commission Meeting in Glenwood Springs was on the 6th and 7th in September and Karen and I attended and also completed other association business. Thanks to Joe and Kevin Herrman for also attending.

Director Jurney figured out that he cannot fly as he fell off of a roof and bummed himself up pretty good. He does not bounce as well as he used too.

Three other Game Wardens attended the Fur Takers College and are looking forward to providing classes and helping spread the message.

Depending on what publication this is in you might be waiting for this year’s election or be completely or dissatisfied with the results.

Mountain Lion issues from HSUS are always a concern but all Furbearing Species and Predators in general are the topic of the day and we continue to be engaged while staying informed. The Wolf issue in the State continues as well. Stay tuned for 2020.

On other Association business Kacey Herrman with a Committee is the new Raffle Manager. Scott Cisco is now the Northeast Director. The Historian position remains open so if you know of anybody that would be willing to take over for Dick Hane and all of the boxes of information please contact a Board Member.

While some of us are trapping or beginning to we still have meetings and presentations, conferences and seminars to attend. The New Legislative Session is just around the corner and depending on who is sitting in the Governors Seat, change is imminent.

As I have continued to say before your Board is engaged. What do you have to offer? There is no better time than now to step up. Volunteering at the Stock Show or the Fur Auction is great. How about signing up some members? How about working with your local District Wildlife Manager in doing a Trapping Class with one of the 12 that have attended the Fur Taker College.

I continue to be contacted regularly about people wanting to trap. Some have moved here from out of State. Some have always lived here. Most have no clue that Cages are the only form of avocational trapping. Almost all of them that contact me are not members of the CTPHA. They are amazed when I tell them about our restrictions. How could we have let this happen. What are we doing to fix it. We should have put up a better fight. I try to educate about the how and why but mostly I direct them to the Regulations with a short explanation. They do not care, they just are concerned with them not being able to trap. Like the majority of Sportsmen, it is about their tag, their opportunity, their season, their species. It always comes back to I, I, I or me, me, me. Very seldom to you ever hear we or us.

I don’t think that will every change no matter how hard we try.

“Believe you can and your half way there” Teddy Roosevelt

Dan Gates

President’s Report

By the time you read this, the Winter Fur Harvesting Season will be closer than you realize and we will begin contemplating who our next Governor will be.

This should be an interesting cycle, for sure. Education, participation and activation are necessary components to the political process. It is no different than trapping, hunting or fishing. One must prepare and adapt to the changing climate and if things don’t go your way you need to figure out how to maneuver to where you can still benefit from the outcome.

If sportsmen as a whole would spend as much time preparing for the political opposition to our livelihood as to what they do preparing for an upcoming hunting or trapping season we would be unbeatable.

The problem is that as a whole we ignore the politics until the wolf is not only knocking at our door but has already moved in and set up housekeeping. There are a few individuals out of every organization that carry the load but the majority are like sheep and you know what wolves do to sheep. My advice is to educate yourselves about the true colors of the political candidates as a lot of them are wolves in sheep’s clothing. Colorado is the model melting pot and while we have seen things dramatically change here in the past we are at a crossroads where change could happen again if we allow it.

Depending on when you get your magazine, the 42nd Annual Convention might be around the corner or has already happened. If you need additional information pertaining to the Convention go to Coloradotrapper.com.

On other association business and news the Trapping Work Group met several times this summer to streamline the Department of Ag Regulations to aligned with Colorado Parks and Wildlife Regulations that we updated over the past year or so. When I started the process in September of 2016 my goal was to collaborate with multiple agencies to revise the Trapping and Game Damage Regulations for CPW and CDA. In addition to that, while working with these other groups I insisted on formulating new documentation that was consistent through brochures, websites and regulation books. That is all in the process of happening but timelines need to be met and hopefully by mid next year all of the supportive documentation can be compiled and published.

The revision of the Wild Fur Bearer Management and Conservation in North America Book is moving along, that your association pledged to support at last years convention membership meeting. Dr. Tim Hiller, the lead on the project has been working diligently with the Wildlife Ecology Institute to try to bring this information into current times. We and other multiple organizations and agencies are contributing efforts to support this cause and I have only heard good things from within the trapping and fur bearer management industry about the progress.

Your board members have been busy all summer, from shooting events to public presentations to skinning demonstrations as well as the many committees and boards that we are representing and on. If you have any questions contact a board member. When you do, thank them for what they are doing. Without them we would not be where we are at.

“Do what you can, where you are, with what you have”
Theodore Roosevelt 1922

Dan Gates

President’s Report

The FBU Banquet on April 28th, was again a success. Thanks to organizer Kandy Herrman and all of her staff for all of their hard work. The May Commission Meeting was well attended in Grand Junction and Chris Jurney and I attended the Partners in the Outdoors Conference where your organization heavily participated. 500 attendees from over 150 organizations were present and the CTPHA along with Steve’s Meat Market provided the Wild Game Dinner on May 9th.

Prior to all of this happening, the Future Generations Act Bill passed the Full House on April 19th which was also Sportsman’s Day at the Capitol. The organization co-sponsored the Wild Game Luncheon where we feed about 350 people from the Capitol. We partnered with the Congressional Sportsmens Foundation, the Mule Deer Foundation, Coloradans for Responsible Wildlife Management, Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, PacWest, National Wildlife Federation, Quail Forever, Ducks Unlimited, Pheasants Forever, Colorado Wildlife Federation, Back Country Hunters and Anglers, Colorado Bow hunters Association, Free Stone Strategies and the National Wild Turkey Federation. Board members Gary Crawford, Scott Cisco, Chris Jurney and myself were all present and Chris and I were even recognized on the House Floor with other Sportsmen as guests of the Sportsman’s Caucus.

Additionally, Chris and I also were selected to sit on CPW’s Chronic Wasting Disease Working Group. With all of the things going on everyone needs to recognize what it really takes to remain relevant. I am currently also participating in the Trapping Work Group which is a extenuation to align CPW regulations with the Department of Ag and vise versa. This does not change Amendment 14 but it does allow us to work within the side boards and perimeters of the amendment while giving us more and better tools that are not only more animal friendly but also bring a better effective and efficiency rate.

On May 19th the Board met in Frisco for our Annual in person Spring Meeting where we laid a plan of action out for the association and a variety of topics.

The June Commission Meeting is in Cortez and the July one is in Crested Butte. August in in Loveland and September is in Glenwood Springs. I will be attending the Fur Takers Convention in Marshfield, Wisconsin in June and the National Trappers Convention in Escanaba, Michigan in July.

We are also doing some skinning demonstrations and trapping and mountain man presentations at a variety of locations throughout the summer.

Once again this years Convention for us is at the Rocky Mountain Roosters Hunting Club just North of Calhan, Colorado which is about 30 miles East of Colorado Springs on Hwy 24. It is August 24th and 25th with Board and Membership Meetings on Sunday the 26th. There will be a Friday Night Shotgun Shoot just as we did 2 years ago at the same location. There will be demos on Saturday and a Barbecue and Live Auction on Saturday Night. Due to logistics, interest and participation other events and activities might be moved around postponed as deemed necessary. Camping will be $20.00 per space for the weekend and Weekend Passes are $5.00 per person. Kids under 12 are Free. The Barbecue Dinner will cost $15.00 a head. Advertisements have been going on for awhile. Fliers will be sent through snail mail, email and posted on the website.

If you have any questions call one of your board members. There will be elections this year with two open positions ,the Northeast Director (Randy Smith moved out of State) and the Historian position (Dick Hanes health) will make available those two positions unless somebody volunteers and wants to step in for the interim.

There is a ton going on. There is a ton to do. There is a ton that needs to be done. Are you a digger, a hole filler or a watcher? Get a shovel and jump in.

“Believe you can, and your half way there” Teddy Roosevelt


Dan Gates

Membership Meeting Minutes, February 4, 2018

President Gates called the Membership Meeting to order at 11:50 AM on Sunday, February 4th, at the Event Building at the Lincoln County Fairgrounds, Hugo. A quorum was present.

Minutes Approval and Treasurers Report
Joe Herrman moved to approve the minutes of the August 27th meeting as distributed. The motion was adopted. Treasurer Oleyar presented the annual general fund financial report, which was filed.

Officer Reports:

President Dan Gates reported trappers were listed along with hunters and anglers on the Hunting and Fishing Day Proclamation by Gov. Hickenlooper on Sept 23, 2017. CPW is running another financial sustainability bill which will increase licenses by approximately $8. Joe Herrman moved that President Gates write a letter of support for the financial sustainability bill sponsored by the CPW. The motion was adopted. The updates on trapping regulations are mostly in Chapter 17; they align CPW and CDA regulations and are based on Best Management Practices in the US. Dan has been asked, along with Travis Black, to communicate regulation changes to CPW personnel during their in-service training. Concerning the wolf introduction issue, good alliances have been formed and it is important that we know and communicate the facts. Any negative incidences concerning trap tags should be reported to President Gates with names, date, warden and circumstances; he will follow up. Ted Gutierrez moved that Dan and Chris Jurney attend the Partners in Outdoors Conference in May, at a cost up to, but not to exceed, $500. The motion was adopted.

Vice President Joe Herrman said the 2018 Convention/Rendezvous will be at Rocky Mountain Roosters August 24-26. He stepped down from heading up the shooting events. A discussion followed concerning the purpose of the Rendezvous and when and where it should be held.

SW Regional Director Chris Jurney shared his booth at the Sportsmen’s Expo with CTPHA. He stressed how important collaboration with other sportsmen’s groups is.

NE Regional Director Randy Smith has moved out of state. Marvin Benthin is a possible replacement.

SE Regional Director Ethan Gates assisted Chris Jurney at the ISE show, is working on convention sponsors and vendors, and attended the January Commissioners meeting.

NW Regional Director Kevin Herrman submitted a written report.

Metro Regional Director Gary Crawford said tickets are available to attend the Miss Rodeo Colorado dinner on February 24th in Windsor. Let him know if you would like to attend.

Historian Dick Hane stated, that because of health and personal reasons, he will be retiring as Historian and from the Finance & Bylaws Committees. He will stay on until the Convention/ Rendezvous, which will allow time to find someone interested in being Historian.

Fur Auction Manager Greg Ashmore said the bar code system is being used for the first time. As always, help will be needed for clean up Friday evening.
Stock Show Booth Manager Don Clifford was unable to attend, but Ryan Clifford reported the booth had a record year for income and had expanded ten more feet. The bar codes worked well.

Raffle Manager Scott Cisco reported he has eight guns and a side-by-side Polaris as raffle prizes. He is looking for cash sponsors for the prizes. He will send out an e-mail blast concerning raffle tickets and Whittington Center scholarship applications.

Committee Reports:

The Facebook Committee reported 12,013 likes. Someone in Fort Collins wants to tag along with a trapper. There haven’t been any negative comments or feedback.

The Bylaws Committee proposed two amendments to the bylaws: Article V, Section 2, substitute for the last sentence: “It is recommended, but not imperative, that the Regional Director be a resident of the region he is elected to represent.” And Article VII, Section 1, to strike out “and the immediate past President” at the end of the list of Board members.


The CTPHA/FBU banquet will be April 28th in Grand Junction. Kandy will be sending out information to members. Volunteers to help and donations for the auction are needed. Hopefully Miss Rodeo Colorado will attend.

April 19 is Sportsman’s Day at the Capitol. President Gates anticipates 300 legislators and staff will enjoy a lunch of wild game. We will have a booth in the rotunda.

The CWCOA Conference is February 9th in Westminster. CTPHA will be a vendor there.

The meeting adjourned at 1:30 PM.

Cheryl Oleyar, Secretary

President’s Report

Trapping season is long gone. Tax season has passed. Time to relax? Not really. It’s a never ending cycle. For those of you that trapped much of anything, you were either tickled to death or are singing the blues.

Colorado’s new trapping regulations, took effect January 1st. They primarily pertain to Agriculture and Human Health and Safety, but they give us tools that we have not had for a long time. Regulation updates are on our website at Coloradotrapper.com.

The Fur Auction was fantastic and kudo’s go out Auction Manager Greg Ashmore and Committee members Todd Fairchild and Otis Latham. Thanks to all the volunteers as well.

The Stock Show Booth set a record and even made the front page of the Denver Post. Bring a round of applause to Don Clifford and to everybody that helped out there as well.

Travis Black, CPW Area Wildlife Manager and Chair of the Trapping Work Group and myself conducted several Trapper Education Classes for over 200 CPW Law Enforcement Officers at their Annual In-service Training. This went over very well. Additionally, the agency is once again sending 3 District Wildlife Managers to the Fur Takers College in September. That would make 12 so far. Some of these guys have actually became members, have picked up trapping and are doing Trapping 101 classes for the general public in their districts. They are very interested and are our first line of defense with the general public.

Chris Jurney and I and Scott Cisco attended the March Commission Meeting in Denver as well as the Pest Management Conference in Denver also. Both of which were a month after the Colorado Control Operators Conference where we set a booth up and got involved with that Board of Directors as well. A big thanks goes out to Scott and helpers at the Farm Show Booth and to Chris, Ethan Gates and others who helped out at the Sportsman’s Expo Booth. All of this takes a lot of time and effort and it is imperative to not stop.

By the time you read this the Colorado Park’s and Wildlife Financial Bill will have passed or failed. Updates will follow in whatever format on this and other happenings.

The FBU Banquet in Grand Junction is April 28th and that might have already passed as well. It’s difficult to keep members apprised through magazine columns and snail mail so for the latest updates keep checking the website.

The 42nd Annual Convention, once again is at Rocky Mountain Roosters east of Colorado Springs on August 24th, 25th and 26th, 2018. Once again, check the website. There will be changes to the format based upon interest, ability and the feasibility to facilitate activities.

Randy Smith resigned from Northeast Director due to family illness and moving back to New York.

Dick Hane, at the Hugo membership meeting notified the Board that he will be stepping down no later than the August Convention from the committees that he is on and the Historian position that he is on. He also has had health issues and has plenty of other things on his plate that require additional attention. Dick has been in this association in some capacity since it’s inception. Anyone interested in running for either position can let my self or Secretary/Treasurer Oleyar know of your interest.

Scott Cisco is working diligently on the Raffle and has a great lineup of prizes including a Polaris side by side UTV. For tickets contact Scott at (970) 219 1629 or bambamcisco@thinair.net.

With all of the things that we have going on and as deeply involved as what we are it would be great for others to step up as well.

One guy told me he didn’t have the time and I responded by saying we all have the same number of hours in a day and a week, and a month, and a year. It’s just what we decide to do with them that makes us different from each other. A little goes a long way. Maybe a position. Maybe an event. Maybe just helping others out. It’s your cause. It’s just a matter of, if you want it bad enough.

Attend a banquet hit a convention, go to a meeting. Do something. The opposition is.


Dan Gates

Colorado Trappers & Predator Hunters Association
2018 Spring meeting
Joe Herrman
Vice President

Since the meeting at the 2016 fall convention there has not been a whole lot happening on the western slope. In early September I attended the CPW commission meeting in Steamboat Springs, at this meeting proposed changes to the 30-day exemption permit were proposed to be voted on at the next meeting. These changes were passed unanimously by the commission.
The next event was Dick Hane’s annual Western Slope Trappers Convention, I was asked to perform Demo’s on coyote trapping and bobcat trapping out of state, Kevin Herrman was asked to do a demo on cage trapping bobcats at the same time. All 3 demos were well received with lots of comments and questions, I also participated in a talk with Dean Riggs of Colorado Parks and Wildlife on rules and regulations pertaining to trapping and predator hunting in Colorado. The event was well received and a lot of people cannot wait for the next one.

Our next big event will be our 5th annual banquet in conjunction with FBU, it will be held on April 28th in grand junction Colorado. We have had one of the top banquets in the country with the help of Fur Bearers Unlimited. This event is Fun and Exciting with great food great people and Free beer.

The 2018 convention is shaping up to be a great one, This years convention will be held at Rocky Mountain Roosters in Calhan Colorado on August 24th, 25th and 26th. Just like any year we would like to see more of our members attend and get involved we need the support from inside our organization. Please let us know if your interested in helping out even if its something small.
Last years convention was not what we were expecting but was a learning experience, we had low attendance and we all feel it has something to do with low fur prices. Due to low numbers at the convention a few fun events were cancelled like the trapper’s obstacle course as well as the Sunday events. The Trappers obstacle course didn’t have anybody sign up for it. The Sunday events we only had 3 people sign up for anything. At the membership meeting Sunday morning I had announced that I would be resigning as the Sunday events coordinator, I asked if someone would step up to take over and at the time no one did. I am giving someone until the first of June to take them over if not we will not be having them this year. I hope some one does come forward to carry on a tradition inside the organization.
We look forward to seeing familiar faces as well as new faces at this years convention. Please come and support the group and the right to trap and hunt furbearers in the state of Colorado.

Thanks from your vice President
Joe Herrman

CTPHA Report from Kevin Herrman February 3, 2018

The clock never stops ticking and the older you get the faster it seems to tick!!!!
We were just at the convention talking about trapping and now we just returned from our winter trapping camp. The weather was amazing and disappointing, 55 degrees @ 6000 feet in December and January. We were trapping in jeans and t-shirts. Trapping on dry unfrozen ground was a real treat!!! There were plenty of other trappers out there, it is good to see others out there trying to get it done
In September Joe and I attended a CPW commission meeting in Steamboat Springs as did other CTPHA members. I am sure others will include this in their reports, so I don’t want to be redundant.
This past fall Dick Hane once again hosted a trapper workshop in at his shop in Fruita. Attendance was a little down, but the enthusiasm was way up!! We assisted Dick with coyote and bobcat trapping demos, Jim Stone also did an excellent Coyote trapping demo. Hats off to Dick for hosting this event, it is a great way to promote trapping and the CTPHA.
Joe and I will again be setting up a table at Heritage Days in Palisade, this is a great event that is hosted by the CPW. We are able to visit with a lot of kids and while educating them we are also able to bring their parents into the discussions.
The 5th annual FBU banquet is not far away, April 28th, 2018 in Grand Junction, (more details to come via the website, Facebook and mailings). It is well worth your time to attend as it is a fun event and a major fundraiser for the CTPHA. If you cannot attend we can use help with donations, gun sponsorships, etc.
If you can attend and would be interested in volunteering your time at the event please let Kandy know, 970-379-6024.
Sincerely, Kevin Herrman
Northwest Director

2018 Spring Report

Since the Rendezvous , it’s been pretty quiet in my neck of the woods .

We ended up not participating in the CPW event at Cherry Creek State Park , in Sept. , due to the gun
range concessionaire not allowing CPW access to the range .

I’ve been fighting a “Cold from Hell ” since pheasant season opened , so I stayed home from the Yuma
Wildlife Commision Meeting . I did listen to the meeting streaming live on CPW’s website , so I heard
Dan’s Powerpoint presentation to the Commission . From the comments afterwards it sounded like it was
very well recieved and appreciated .

The Stock Show booth was again a big event for the Metro area , with nine Metro members and
fourteen from other areas helping visitors there .
Steve Yarish had a nice picture of the back of his head on a front page ,above the fold , picture in the
Denver Post as he showed a bobcat hat to a prospective buyer .
Chris Thwaites and Bill Cavanaugh (two relatively new members) got their first chance to help at the
booth and from accounts from Bruce ,they did an admirable job and will be ask to help in the future .
MRC 2018 Alex Hyland and MRA 2018 Keri Sheffield stopped by a few days with their Sliver Fox coats
to sign autographs for an hour at a time . Bruce got his picture taken with Keri wearing her new coat
which was presented to her at our booth. I’m pretty sure Bruce could be photo shopped out .That picture
can be found at : missrodeoflorida.com/MRA-2018 and also on her facebook page. As a caption to that
photo ,Keri thanks the CTPHA for this beautiful coat and hopes it’s acceptable to wear year round .

Tara Carleo ,with the MRC Committee has shared several photos of Alex , in her coat , that are
apparently all over facebook . Tara believes Alex is not taking the coat off . They’re planning an
intervention so Alex can get a shower .

MRC 2018 Alex Hyland will be hosting a Sponsors Appreciation/Fundraiser beginning at 6:00pm on
February 24th at the Windsor Recreation Center in Windsor, Colorado. As a sponsor we are also invited
to attend the sponsor reception will take place before the dinner starting 5:00pm. Please RSVP by
February 18th to missrodeocolorado2018@gmail.com.
We recieve two complimentary tickets to these type events . Bruce Bartow has expressed his desire
to attend if he’s in Colorado at the time .

That’s all for now . Respectfuly submitted ,
Gary Crawford
Metro Director CTPHA

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