2017 Reports


Big Game Hunting Seasons are over. Trapping season is upon us. The Fur Auction is around the corner. Santa Claus has already been to your house. I don’t know how time flies by so fast.

Partnership meetings, Commission Meetings, Wildlife Council Meetings and Trapping Work Group Meetings have taken up any idea of free time over the course of the last three months. The final trapping and Wildlife Damage Regulations were heard on November 16th in Yuma at the Commission Meeting. For a full link go to the CTPHA website at Coloradotrapper.com.

Make sure to check out the Governor’s Hunting, Trapping and Fishing Proclamation on the website. The Fur Auction Flier is also on the website. Your association has also been asked to not only participate in the Sportsmen’s Legislative Caucus at the Capital but also sit on an advisory panel. I have accepted this and although we have been at the Capital for the last several years we are now part of the equation. We will see where that leads.

Additionally, other organizations have joined in Nationally to support the book update and revision “Wild Furbearer Management and Conservation in North America”. Your association voted to support this cause at the Fall Meeting and it looks like there is significant broad based support. This 1100 plus page document is essentially the bible of Furbearer Management and has not been revised since 1987. More info to follow.

There are many things going on in many arenas. The best thing that I can say and suggest is to do some research. Check the Sportsman’s Alliance website. The Fur Takers of America. The National Trappers Association. Look at the Humane Society of the United States. Search Wild Earth Guardians. There are tons of things happening and in todays day and age it is easier now than ever before to click a button and find the latest information.

Things change daily and weekly and it is our responsibility to stay engaged and informed. Remember the New Regulation of Labeling the traps. All live traps (limited to cage or box traps) placed on public lands must be labeled permanently and legibly with the trapper’s Customer Identification Number (CID) in a location that is visible without having to manipulate the live trap in any way. If the trapper does not have a CID, all live traps placed on public lands must be labeled with the trapper’s name. Live traps not properly labeled may be confiscated by any Wildlife Officer.

This next year will be a busy one as well. The Stock Show. The Sports Show. The Colorado Farm Show, the Fur Auction, the Fur Bearers Unlimited Banquet along with dozens and dozens of meetings, seminars and conferences where your association is represented and is a player in Colorado’s Wildlife Management process. We have a long way to go but in order to get there we must stay the course. Wildlife Management is a confusing circle of events but if we sit idle and do not have a seat at the table we will be on the menu and while we lost significant ground decades ago as the main course, I do not intend on being desert.

Join an organization. Attend a meeting and become active and also beware of the Internet Trapper.

President Dan Gates

Hunting and Fishing Day Proclamation 2017 (1)

Colorado Trappers & Predator Hunters Rendezvous Awards

Congratulations to the following recipients – you truly deserve the award you received. We appreciate your wholehearted support of our association!

Trapper of the Year – Joe Herrman
Workhorse of the Year – Karen Gates
Wildlife Professional of the Year – Travis Black
Junior Trapper of the Year – Barrett Hisel


The season is changing. Even though you would not know it with 95 degree days still. Another convention has come and gone and if you did not go you missed a great event. Attendance was down but that has been the norm for most all conventions including the National ones. A variety of factors contribute to these down turns but with Trappers, market prices deflate enthusiasm and participation significantly.

While the turnout was less there were tons of things going on and still made it a success. Jerry Brown conducted a Trapping Demo and the next day bright and early, they went and checked the traps. Multiple catches were made as to the effectiveness of the tools.

Tons of vendors from all over the country showed up as well. The Hooter’s Girls helped Bruce Bartow during the Bear Skinning Demo. I bet that is a first! CPW Director Broschied was our Dunk Tank Guinea Pig. Another first! Tom Parr with the North American Trap Collectors Association attended from Ohio, set up a display, conducted a Demo, brought in a number of Trap Collectors with him and won the 4 Wheeler Raffle and 3 Guns, to boot. The facility was fantastic and more than accommodating. The Shot Gun Shoot on Friday Night was again a good one but the lack of participation for the membership shoot caused it to be canceled on Sunday.

A special thanks goes out to Dave Hastings, Gary Jepson, Robert Helms, Tom Beaudette, Tom Parr, Bruce Bartow, Jim Hooks, Jerry Brown for conducting all of our Demo’s. Also a special thanks to all of the volunteers that helped out with the many aspects of the event.

No matter where or when we have this, there is a tremendous amount of time, effort, money and collaboration that goes into it. I think one of the biggest problems that we have is Trappers over all not getting involved. Not participating and Not taking seriously how fragile our activities are. There are 5.5 million people in Colorado. 926,000 Sportsmen. How many of those do you actually think they Trap? It is less than a 1000. Way less!! We are a dying breed. Regionally, and Nationally. The ball is in our court and it is up to us to make sure there is a game to play. There is no one to blame but ourselves. Recruitment of new Trappers from the Hunting community whether young or old is imperative. Retaining what Trappers we have is just as important. Reengaging old Trappers or ones that did it at some point in their life is also part of the equation. Without all three of these components we eventually will dye a slow death. It’s up to us. Our convention was a success because of dedicated people that accomplished the mission of promoting, enhancing and defending the traditions and heritage of trapping, fur harvesting and predator hunting. Education, saturation and exposure are what our showcase event is all about. Making money is also important to fund the cause.

Moving forward . On August 31st I attended and presented a 4 hour Trapping Workshop to 80 CPW Biologist at their Annual Conference. It emphasized the importance of Regulated Scientific Wildlife Management and how trapping, predator hunting and fur harvesting played a significant role in that management. Some knew a little. Some knew a lot. Most, new nothing. That is understandable given that most of them that are in their 20’s and 30’s and even into their 40’s knowing nothing about what has gone on here in Colorado and other states and how trapping and furbearer management has degraded and eroded over the last several decades. This presentation piggy backed the CTPHA Membership Meeting motion to support a revision and update of the Academic Furbearer Management and Conservation in North America publication that will essentially help educate current and up and coming biologist in modern day standards. This is essentially the bible of Furbearer Management and working with the Wildlife Ecology Institute and many other Trapping Associations around the country the Colorado Trappers and Predator Hunters Association is not only talking the talk but walking the walk. On going communications since this conference coupled with contacts made in July at the Western Association of Fish & Wildlife Agencies Conference in Vail provide a tool for promotion and enhancement and education that we have not seen here in Colorado for quite some time.

Additionally, on the heals of the conference Karen and I attended the Wildlife Commission Meeting on September 7th & 8th in Steamboat Springs. Also in attendance was Joe & Kevin Herrman, Scott Cisco and Chris Jurney. The first reading of the revised recommendations pertaining to trapping and wildlife damage went through with no opposition.
This is the result of 7 months and hundreds of hours of meetings with the Colorado Department of Agriculture, Wildlife Services, multiple divisions within CPW and myself representing the CTPHA to revise regulations for multiple chapters that will enhance the Animal Welfare in compliance with recommendations from the Best Management Practices and make more effective and efficient the ability for individuals and agriculture producers to deal with nuisance wildlife in a manner that is more consistent with international, national and industry standards. This is one piece of the puzzle but without going this route, the puzzle would be incomplete and long-term results would continue to be ineffective. If you are so inclined, the information is available on the CPW Website on the Steamboat Commissions Page and under the Agenda Items.

This sort of progress is necessary. These sort of tactics, collaborations and partnerships are mandatory. If want to survive at all the only ones that can make that happen are ourselves. Survival and success can only be achieved in today’s time line. Population growth and the mentality of todays citizens require a level of education that trappers have not done effectively for quite sometime. Nationwide a movement is changing the way trapping is precieved. Overall it is excepted. Especially when it is bundled in conversations about human health and safety, animal welfare, habitat protection, threatened and endangered species, protection of private or public property. These are just some of the benefits that trapping has provided for the last hundred years. What we have not done is educate on a large scale about those benefits. Whether we trap for fur or to provide a service. Whether we make any money or not we are participating in a process of Wildlife Management using the Best Management Practices available and utilizing, when feasible the products of our work. This is not the case on a year round deal but either way what we provide is essential to the system and whether you like it or not, todays Wildlife Managers, politicians and the general public are part of that system. Keep in mind survival of the fittest. What we are doing now is part of that equation.

Hope your hunting and trapping seasons start out good and continue. Take somebody hunting or trapping. Attend a meeting. Join a organization. Support the cause. It is up to us all.

President Dan Gates

CTPHA Board Reports, August, 2017

Cheryl Oleyar – Secretary-Treasurer

Our current membership as of August 15 is 249, including 26 Life Members. We mourn the loss of two of our founding members who were mainstays of our association, Bill Curns and Marv Miller. They both were very generous of their time and resources and they are greatly missed.
We are very grateful to Kandy Herrman and her team for hosting the FBU banquet again this year. The hard work they did to put on such a successful event is appreciated very much. And the association is over $11,000 richer!
The secretary assisted Dan and Karen Gates at Get Outdoors Day, June 3rd, at Memorial Park in Colorado Springs. She attended the Board meeting in Frisco on June 10th.
The 2016 tax return has been filed and all bills paid to date. The Secretary of State and second quarter tax filings have been completed. Member renewals and processing of new member applications are handled in a timely manner. Reports are published in The Trapper’s Post and The Trapper & Predator Caller magazines.
Northeast Regional Director, Randy Smith

2017 has been a year of successes and warnings. With encouraging interactions with a wide variety of the general public to very dark and concerning encounters with radical elements of the animal rights movement equivalent of ISIS.

Good News:
Spring 2017 History-fest, Greeley History Museums; Centennial Village
As reported at the last board meeting we’ve experienced great successes with positive exposure with nearly 2500 local children, 4th graders plus teachers and attending parents receiving information and a token fur piece during the spring and coming soon another 2500 fall History-fests at the Greeley History Museum’s Centennial Village campus. This exposure, information and prized fur pieces are brought home to family, friends and neighbors giving us an increased exposure of about a factor of 4+. The program is delivered by a professional historical interpreter in character of Mountain Man Joe Meek discussing the history of the west and the prominent role the fur industry play in creating the world we live in and enjoy today.

Through contacts with FFA and the museum I have had numerous opportunities to present course type programming to FFA students, teachers and attending parents regarding wildlife issues and control methods and the use of professional wildlife managers for best practices in their agricultural operations. Most recently I provided an evening program for over 30 interested FFA associates concerned about raccoon and fox predation in poultry and related small livestock, as well as, best practices in protective caging of rabbits. We have a continuous interaction with the local FFA that we would like to begin to extend across the region with talks about expanding to other townships going through FFA in representing our CTPHA.
I have presented several different programs and trainings for the Boy Scouts with subject matters ranging from modern trapping methods, laws and practices to wilderness skills training, wildlife tracking and wilderness survival. I will be presenting a trapping program to a local troop in September involving beaver trapping, traditional to modern, skinning and processing pelts ad meat, and fur uses and ideas.

Public Calls and Inquiries
I have received several phone calls and emails from the general public regarding wildlife issues; information requests; guidance and recommendations in dealing with individual wildlife management issues. Most of all these contacts have their origin from the contact information presented on our website. A large majority of the calls are from land owners large and small, rural and urban that have a very limited knowledge in wildlife, dealing with wildlife issues and knowledge of the best channels for solving their wildlife issues. CPW offer very limited advice in this area and has often pointed their callers to our website for the next step in solutions and guidance. Most all calls are recommended to contact a wildlife management expert either within our organization or locally with our name in association for credits. It maybe that we should note our members who are wildlife management professional so that as members and board members are contacted with request the correct, current and CTPHA members are available to address the issues and represent our organization in a positive, professional manner that will promote our core values and interest.

Attendance to the 2017 Annual Convention for Western Wildlife Agencies, Vail CO
I was lucky enough to have attended the first day of the Western Wildlife Agencies Association’s 2017 convention in Vail CO this summer and especially to see and attend an entire day of this convention dedicated to the issues surrounding trapping. The event was presented in a very favorable and positive format that looked to address trapping from both a management tool and as an outdoor activity with a place in inside the outdoor sports as a whole. I would like to thank Dan Gates for setting this up and the arrangements to share the topic of trapping with the very people that will hold a majority vote in the future of trapping. This event is exactly the type of event and investment our organization needs to support, attend and be in the room with.

Metro Regional Director, Gary Crawford

Since the Spring Meeting, I attended the FBU Dinner, Marvin Miller’s funeral, a Wildlife Commission Meeting in Denver, two Miss Rodeo Colorado functions in Greeley, a Board of Directors meeting in Breckenridge, and four or five trips to Cabela’s, Sportsman’s Warehouse, Dick’s Sporting Goods and Big Five Sports hanging up flyers for the Rendezvous.

The end of April, Jim Hooks, Bruce Bartow and I flew to Clark Summit, PA, to attend our friend and Charter Member of the CTA (now CTPHA), Marvin Miller’s funeral . The CTPHA sent a very nice flower wreath to the funeral home, as did the Colorado Wildlife Control Officers. We were warmly welcomed by old school friends of Marvin’s, as well as his family . Jim, Bruce, and I were very glad we were able to attend and represent his friends in Colorado.

The 26th of June, The Miss Rodeo Colorado Committee held a Meet and Greet event in the 4-H Building at Island Grove Park. Sponsor’s representatives were invited to get to know this year’s contestants in the MRC 2018 competition. Each sponsor was allotted two complimentary tickets to this event. Scott Cisco and his daughter attended on behalf of the CTPHA. They also attended the Xtreme Bulls Rodeo that evening, as did Randy Smith and his family/friends.

The 30th of June, the MRC Fashion Show (and final competition for the 2018 Title) was again held at the Union Colony Civic Center. I was again honored to escort one of the contestants on stage (First Runner-up) Scott Cisco and family again used the CTPHA allotted tickets. Alex Hyland was chosen as MRC 2018, a very deserving young lady from Windsor, CO.

Randy Smith, Scott Cisco, and a new member I signed, Chris Thwaites, were the only people interested in rodeo tickets and concert tickets. My daughter, her husband and my grandson attended the rodeo with me on Sun the 2nd.

Cataracts in both eyes have me housebound as I try and write this with a magnifying glass in one hand and pecking around with the other. Surgery tomorrow (Aug 22).
Northwest Regional Director Kevin Herrman

Another summer of our lives is about gone and a new trapping season is upon us. I hope that everyone has had a great summer and are looking forward to the fall season.

In June we had a Board of Directors meeting in Frisco and I left there feeling it was a very productive day!!!

In July Joe and I attended the WAFWA Conference in Vail for 1 day, Dan & Karen were there to represent us for several days and others attended on a daily basis. We were the only Trappers Organization present and it was definitely time well spent.

I along with my family are so grateful to belong to this organization and are happy to be at this year’s Convention/Rendezvous.
Fur Auction Manager Greg Ashmore

Hope everyone’s year is going well. Trapping season is right around the corner and it seems like time between seasons gets shorter and shorter. The fur auction in February was very successful even with some fur prices being off. We had more fur at the sale than we have ever had at the Hugo location. Hopefully we can duplicate that and the fur prices will increase this year. We are currently working on getting a bar code system for checking in furs at the auction. It should make the process of checking in and out of the sale faster. The fur auction is set for February 7 & 8, 2018, with check in February 3 & 4. Flyers will be mailed out around the first of the year with all the details. It also will be on the website. I hope to see everyone there. Happy hunting!
Raffle Manager Scott Cisco

Things are shaping up well! Currently there is $5035.80 in the raffle account. We have $650.00 in cash for change for the event. Hooters will be providing support for raffle sales during the event. We will have essays from Joslyn and Emma, who attended the NRA adventure camp. We can share those at the event. After speaking with both young ladies, the Whittington Center Camp was a huge success. Thank you to all the members, non-members and sponsors that have supported this mission. As a first-year raffle manager, I have learned a lot and am encouraged to work hard to make each year a bigger success. Thank you for all your support! Any questions, concerns or ideas, please contact me at 970.219.1629.

Annual Meeting Minutes, August 27, 2017

President Dan Gates called the annual meeting to order at 10:24 AM in Richardson Hall at Colorado Youth Outdoors, 4927 E. County Road 36, Fort Collins.

The Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America was led by President Gates.

Bob Huston, Director of Colorado Youth Outdoors, welcomed our group to their facility.

The minutes of the February 5 membership meeting were approved as distributed.

Officer reports:
President Gates has been involved in the Trapping Working Group, which was formed to make recommendations in simplifying and re-drafting wildlife regulations. Their report will be presented at the Sept 6-7 CPW Commission meeting. The CTPHA had a booth at the Western Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies Conference in Vail in July. Dan, Chris Jurney and Randy Smith took part in the “Trapping Matters” workshop. He summarized his activities with the CPW, Cabela’s, the Congressional Sportsmen’s Foundation, and numerous other groups and events.
Vice President Joe Herrman reported on his activities in planning the Rendezvous. The Rendezvous shooting events are cancelled for lack of participation, and he is resigning as the shooting events coordinator.
SE Regional Director Ethan Gates worked on getting sponsorships and donations, and has done a lot of behind-the-scenes work for the Rendezvous and for President Gates.
Western Stock Show Booth Manager Don Clifford said they will be switching to a bar code system, so he will need the list of items you will be selling at the booth by December 20. Two Bill Rogers Memorial scholarships have been awarded ($1,000 each).
Raffle Manager Scott Cisco thanked all who sold raffle tickets. Two girls were sent to the Whittington Center in June; their letters will be added to the website.
Historian Dick Hane has sorted through many boxes. He has received good info from Major Boddicker and Richard Calfee.
Written Reports from the Secretary-Treasurer, most of the Regional Directors and the Fur Auction Manager are attached.

Reports of Committees:
Finance – Will report at the February, 2018, meeting.
Rendezvous – The 2018 Rendezvous will be held at Rocky Mountain Roosters near Calhan, August 24-26. Volunteers will be needed to set up & take down. We are limited to meeting at facilities where we can be covered by their insurance for shooting events.
Rendezvous Awards – Nomination forms were sent to all members. Gary Crawford announced that a CTPHA Hall of Fame has been set up. The first inductee is Marvin Miller; a plaque will be presented to his family at 2 PM Sunday afternoon.
Face Book – Send reports, pictures, etc., to Kandy Herrman or Kacy Townsend. 1,500 people reached.
FBU Banquet– Next one is planned for April 28, 2018, in Grand Junction. Half of the proceeds benefit our association. All who helped at this year’s event were thanked.
Bylaws – The motion to amend the bylaws by striking out “The Trapper & Predator Caller” and inserting “the Trapper’s Post” in various locations throughout the bylaws was adopted by a 2/3 vote.

The following were re-elected: Vice President Joe Herrman; Secretary-Treasurer Cheryl Oleyar; and Northeast Regional Director Randy Smith. Chris Jurney was elected Southwest Regional Director.
Cheryl Oleyar moved that the dues remain the same: $30 a year with the Trapper’s Post or $25 a year without the magazine. The motion was adopted.

New Business:
The treasurer gave a report on Rendezvous income. Gary Crawford received a gun for having recruited the most members. Major Boddicker moved that the CTPHA donate $5,000 (including individual donations specified for that purpose) to the Wildlife Ecology Institute for an update of the book, Furbearer Management and Conservation in North America. Randy Engel of R&L Airguns and Scott Cisco of Northern Colorado Critter Gitter volunteered generous donations toward the project. Cheryl Oleyar asked for two members to serve on the Bylaws Committee; Dick Hane and Kacey Wachtendorf volunteered.

Announcements were made. The meeting adjourned at 12:38 PM.

Cheryl Oleyar, Secretary

President’s Report

Convention is coming soon! August 25th, 26th & 27th. Setup begins at 10:00 a.m on the 24th. Lots of stuff on the 25th and 26th. Check out the fliers. It is on the website. They will be sent out to members. There are ads in the publications. If you have questions call me or Vice President Herrman. If you want to be a dealer, tailgater or exhibitor this is the place to be. Plenty of lodging is close by. The event is held at the Colorado Youth Outdoors Complex at 4927 County Rd 36, Ft. Collins, CO.

The Board of Directors had it’s annual Summer meeting in Frisco on June 10th with all but one board member attending. We accomplished a lot and updates will be given at the Convention.

I attended the Fur Takers of America Convention in Iowa and was appointed to several Committees as a Governing Board Member including the Best Management Practice Committee which will be beneficial to the Trapping Work Group that I sit on here at home. The Convention was well worth attending.

Also on June 27th we wrapped up another Trapping Work Group meeting and we are working on many issues that will eventually benefit us.

The Western Association of Fish & Wildlife Agencies Conference was held in Vail from July 6th until the 11th. We set up a booth for 4 days and Scott Cisco, Randy Smith, Joe & Kevin Herrman, Chris Jurney, myself and Karen all attended. We attended some of the many seminars and workshops as well as networked with Wildlife Managers and stakeholders from the West and Canada.

Scott Cisco, Gary Crawford and Randy Smith set up and ran the Sportsman’s Warehouse Booth on July 15th, while I attended another working group meeting and the next day Karen and I attended a CPW function in Ft. Garland.

Trapping Demo’s and Seminars, other meetings, along with all the preparations for the up coming Convention are filling up the rest of the summer. Plan on buying your Raffle Tickets. Contact Scott Cisco for more if you need them. The awards nomination sheets should be in your hands. Fill them out and return them no later than August 20th. Bring your kids, learning caps, shotguns, dogs on a leash for the Rattlesnake Avoidness Class. Come Dunk a Warden, attend a Demo, there will be Blue Grass Music on site along with a Barbecue Dinner, Raffles, Drawings and Competitions. Lodging is close. Shopping is close. As I previously reported shooting competitions will be limited due to the venue. If you have questions Call anyone of the Board Members and we will get you the answers.

Look forward to seeing you all, moving the needle, progressing forward and supporting our mission.

Until then,

Dan Gates


As you prepare for the upcoming hunting and trapping season think about why we do what we do. For some it is a hobby. Some an opportunity to get into the woods and connect with nature. Spend time with family. For others it is in their blood. A time honored tradition that supports the heritage of who we are and where we come from. One must relish the fact and not take for granted what we have. A dragon continues to grow in the cellar with opposition and the enemy is sometimes not easily recognizable.

April was filled with several Capital appearances and testimonies. Who knew that I would end up spending so much time with legislators. By the time you read this the tone will be set, depending on the outcome of what course Wildlife Management will take over the next several years. From animal rights lawsuits to discussions about changing the makeup of the Wildlife Commission, to include Animal Welfare Advocates, along with a variety of other factors the road map continues to get more and more complicated. Your association has, is and will be proactive while participating in these processes. We are working hand in hand with dozens and dozens of organizations. We are educating, and informing, and we are not only part of ,but helping to lead the discussions.

Also in April Scott Cisco and I set up a booth at the Capital for Sportsman’s Day. What a great turn out. Miss Rodeo Colorado Kelsie Winslow also came down and helped us run the booth and attend the Sportsman’s Caucus that day. We were recognized on the House Floor, had a personal meeting with the President of the Senate along with several Representatives and Senators and with the help of Steve’s Meat Market we provided a Wild Game Feed to 250 Legislators and Capital Staffers.

Additional days of testimony were also conducted on behalf of Sportsmen through the end of the Legislative Session.

Joe and Kevin Herrman, myself and Ethan Gates also conducted a Trapper Education Workshop in Buena Vista along with and for Colorado Parks and Wildlife Staff and Hunter Education Instructors. We had a fantastic turn out and trapping is starting to be part of the curriculum in the Hunter Education Classes. It will not be the primary focus but it will be included. Thanks to Joe, Kevin and Ethan.

Also I have been working in a Trapping Work Group with CPW, Colorado Department of Ag and Wildlife Services on streamlining the errors and omissions between the Constitution wording, CPW Regs and Ag Regs. This primarly includes damage, exemption issues and not recreation. Either way it is something that should have been done many years ago but at least now it is. I will update as things become clear, processed with functional outcomes.

The end of April and the first part of May was a total fiasco. The Parks and Wildlife Financial Sustainability Bill passed all of the House Committees and Floor but ran into hurdles with significant amendments from Senators that really don’t believe in Professional Wildlife Management. They don’t care whether we trap, hunt or fish. The Bill was killed in the Senate Finance Committee. The Republicans played politics and they did not do Sportsmen any favors in this one. At the same time the bill was to be heard, the May Wildlife Commission Meeting was held in Grand Junction. Scott and I were at the Capital and then Joe and I were in Grand Junction. The Trap Tag Issue went through where recreational trappers trapping on Public Land (with cages, because that is what is legal) will have to have their CID # attached to the trap for documentation purposes. If one does not have a CID # like a business or government entity then they can put their name instead. Three public meetings and much discussion about this issue occurred over the course of the last 6 months. Some people like it some people don’t, lots of people don’t care either way.

A couple days after the Commission Meeting I attended the Partners in the Outdoors Conference in Breckenridge. The Colorado Trappers and Predator Hunters along with Steve’s Meat Market once again provided a Wild Game Feed for an evening Dinner for about 300 people. Additionally, during the conference I accepted an invitation to conduct a Presentation on the North American Model of Wildlife Conservation. Many meetings, and discussions with a diversified group of Individuals, Sportsmen and Non-Sportsmen Groups were conducted. Participation, in my mind is imperative. Out of sight, out of mind is a reality. If you do not have a seat at the table you will be on the menu. Your Board is doing everything possible to be engaged.

Joe and Sarah Herrman set up once again at Heritage Days in Palisade. We have scheduled skinning and trapping Demo’s at Sportsman’s Warehouse and Cabelas. I am attending the Furtakers of America Convention in Iowa in June. We are having our Summer Board Meeting in Frisco in June. We are setting up at Outdoor Days for 20,000 people in Colorado Springs in June. Doing the Commission Meeting in Trinidad and then conducting a Southeast Regional Teachers Workshop on Trapping and the History of the Fur Trade for over 80 teachers. July brings the Western Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies Conference in Vail where we are not only setting up a booth but also attending Seminars and Presentations. We are plenty active.

Our Annual Convention is also being worked on. August 25th, 26th and 27th at the Colorado Youth Outdoors Facility in Ft. Collins. Support from the North American Trap Collectors Association, the National Wild Turkey Federation, Safari Club International, along with Colorado Parks & Wildlife and many others will make this event fantastic. Cabela’s is the Presenting Sponsor this year and Sportsman’s Warehouse is also on board with other Sponsors as well. Also, a Canine Snake Avoidness Training Clinic will be on site to train dogs to stay the hell away from Snakes. A gentlemen is coming up from Texas and will be on site to provide this service for a separate fee. Bring your dogs, on a leash of course ,and tell others as well. Make a note that their will be limited Shooting Competitions this year. Shotgun is for sure ,maybe some others, but their will be no high powered, high velocity competitions. There will once again be a Friday Night Turkey Shoot, like last year as well. Great camping is on site however ,many motels are within a couple of miles. There is plenty of Vendor space and there is 40 acres of Catch and Release Fishing on site. Camping Spots will once again be $20.00 with Weekend Admission Passes $5.00 per person. Saturday Admission is $2.00. Kids under 12 are Free. Saturday Nights Barbecue will be $15.00. For more information on Vendors and Sponsors please call me at 719 275-4077 or Joe at 970 309-0865. Demonstrators include Gary Jepson from North Dakota, Dave Hastings from Nebraska, Tom Parr from Ohio, Tom Beaudette from Colorado, Robert Helms from Utah and a couple of surprise Demo guys as well. The flier, maps and other information is on the Website at coloradotrapper.com. There are advertisements in this and other publications, on the Website and a Flier will be sent to all members mid-Summer.

On another note, kudos to Kandy Herrman, the Herrman Family, the Uhrich’s, Bruce Bartow, Gary Crawford, Karen Gates, George and Cindy Seff and all the others who helped make this year’s Fur Bearers Unlimited Banquet another huge success. Also once again thanks to Miss Rodeo Colorado Kelsie Winslow.

Raffle tickets are going fast. Tons of guns and the Polaris 4-Wheeler are at stake. Don’t miss out on this great opportunity. Contact Raffle Manager Scott Cisco at 970 219 1629 for tickets if you need them. Also, the Membership Contest for signing up the most members this year gets a Ruger 10/.22 donated by Jim Hooks. Futhermore, the Awards Nominations sheet for Trapper of the Year, Work Horse of the Year etc., will be sent out to all Members in the mail and emailed. They will need to be returned NO LATER THAN AUGUST 20TH. All nomination sheets received after that date Will Not Count.

Finally long time CTPHA Supporter and CTA Co-Founder, President, Vice President, NTA Director, Historian, advocate, Marv Miller passed away in late April. He was instrumental in keeping the CTA relevant during his involvement. He and his family are to be thanked and he will be missed.

As you can see we are doing this for the cause.

Thank your Board as well.

President Dan Gates

Vice President Report

Hey everybody,

By the time, you read this the fur sales should be almost over and I hope everyone is happy with their fur harvest and checks. As most of you know there are some things the Anti’s are working on here in Colorado. This brings up a topic that we have discussed before but it needs to re addressed, We need to gather as a group of sportsman and woman that trap. We need to work and participate on all sportsman’s issues not just trapping issues. We are all on the same team. We need people to participate in all things, conventions, banquets, setting up and or helping at booths at stores or shows. Everything we do, we need to be promoting the organization and what we do.

We need to do everything we can to educate the public on the science and ethics of all outdoor sports. We are always being watched and we need to do everything we can prove our relevance to the agency and the public. I also wanted to touch on social media, there have been some posts from trappers in Colorado videoing things that does not do us any justice. I understand that we should not be ashamed of who we are or what we do in the outdoors, a little common sense goes a very long way in this day and age.

By the time you read this the Banquet will have already come and gone. It is looking like it should be another great one. We are also working on the 2017 Convention at the Colorado Youth Outdoors Facility in Fort Collins. We will need help with this event. Any one that wants to be more involved we would love to have you help. We are going to need sponsors and donations as well as vendors. If you want to be involved and participate here is your chance. Lets continue to make the CTPHA great, relevant, and solidify our existence.


Joe Herrman

Vice President


Raffle Manager’s Report

 Hello fellow sportsmen! My name is Scott Cisco, and I am the new Raffle Manager for CTPHA. Thank you to Dan Schirer for helping to set me up for success. He has done a great job as Raffle Manager.  Marvin Benthin and I have been working diligently to make sure that we have a great raffle at the Rendezvous. Just a quick update, the Rendezvous will be August 25-27, at Colorado Youth Outdoors, 4927 East CR 36 in Fort Collins CO 80528. We will have great prizes including a Polaris 550 EFI Sportsman ATV, some great guns, and cold hard cash! The proceeds from this raffle go to education and promotion of the tradition and heritage of trapping, fur harvesting and professional wildlife management along with sending scholarship recipients to the NRA Whittington Center Youth Outdoor Adventure Camp.  Be sure and get involved in this great cause! You can purchase raffle tickets for $5.00 ea./5 for $20.00 If you need more information, please contact Scott Cisco, 970-219-1629 or email at bambamcisco@thinair.net.

 Scott Cisco

Raffle Manager, CTPHA

P.O. Box   245

Windsor CO 80550

President’s Spring Report

 What a whirl wind already this year.  Between Commission Meetings, Sportmen’s and Animal Welfare Caucus Hearings, Predator Management Plan litigation, banquets, trapping working group meetings and more there isn’t much time for anything else.  I did manage to get all my traps pulled yesterday and am heading to Denver in 10 minutes for the March Commission Meeting. 

 As we gear up for the Spring it is important for everyone to try to pick up some of the load that is needed.  The Colorado Trappers and Predator Hunters can use your help.  We need problem solvers.  We need people that want to engage in the process.  We need people who care about the outcomes.  Not just complainers but people who actually want to make a difference.  Whether trapping or predator hunting or deer hunting or fishing is your passion get involved.  Some organization out there could use those people as well. 

 It’s discouraging when going to the Capital and standing in the enemies chambers with 150 animal rights wacko’s and you look around and there is only two other Sportsmen besides yourself.  It’s no wonder that we are not as effective as what we could be. 

 Colorado has about 926,000 Sportsmen.  That is roughly 20% of the population of the State.  Trappers make up less than ½ of 1% of that.  Not only are we in the extreme minority we have done a very ineffective job of conveying our message and collaborating with other Sportsmen groups.  Those other groups are a 1000 times better than us when it comes to messaging, but they have not done as good as what has been needed to get people to understand the basics of what Scientific Professional Wildlife Management is and who pays for that management.  It’s the Sportsmen. 

 As I continue to promote as best as I can it bewilders me how hard it is to get people engaged in the process.  Not only is it important ,it is the basic life line of our very own survival.  Being a member of any organization is the first step but getting involved takes much more dedication and effort.  As we move forward with the tons of things that we are doing, stop, and thank your Board of Directors and Committee Members for doing what they do.

 Attend a function, banquet, meeting or show up to the Capital one day.  Go to a skinning demonstration, do something. Get involved.

 Until next time, hope your furs sold well.

Dan Gates


CTPHA Board Reports for the Feb 5, 2017, Membership Meeting

Northwest Regional Director Kevin Herrman

How time flies it seems we were just at the Rendezvous/Convention and now we are getting ready to go to the Fur Auction/Meeting in Hugo. We set up our annual winter camp the first part of December in North West Colorado and were able to stay until the end of January. Joe and I attended the Public Comment Meeting for the Proposed Predator Management Programs in Denver September 19th. The antis filled the room and only a handful of sportsmen attended. In December the commission approved the Predator Management Programs- my hat is off to them for making this decision. We are working on the 4th annual FBU Banquet. The banquet will be on March 25th in Grand Junction. Please attend, as usual we need help with donations, gun sponsorships and help at the event. Last year’s banquet set the record for dollars raised, let’s do it again!

Southwest Regional Director Daniel Uhrich

I  taught a trapping and predator calling 101 for the Colorado Parks and Wildlife in December, teaching 41 people about cage trapping and both daytime and nighttime predator calling. This was a 3 hour class covering equipment, tactics, rules and regulations.


Northeast Regional Director Randy Smith

We’ve had some successes in the NE especially the exposure we received at the 2017 Colorado Farm Show, 3 days of visitors to our booth which was partnered with CPW. Thanks to Ethan and Fuzzy and Scott for their assistance with the booth and getting our message out to agricultural visitors.

Back in September the Greeley History Museum hosted its annual fall History-fest at Centennial Village, where over 2400 regional school kids had a chance to visit 2 educational stations that offered “Fur History” in Colorado as well as take home pieces of fur to share with other kids in telling if their experiences.

Our local FFA leader sent 4 students to the museum to learn more about trapping and predator management. The interest was in learning trapping to protect their livestock and property. I provided two evenings of demonstrations and practical training. Since this session I have received additional requests to provide training to other kids and parents involved in FFA and


We will be hosting our 2017 convention in Ft Collins this summer and we will be working and striving to provide a successful, fun and informative event. Thank you for all your support and assurance.

Southeast Regional Director Ethan Gates

Since the convention in Calhan, I have been quite busy with the association activities and preparing for this years events as well.

September 19th, 2016, I appeared and testified at the Predator Management Public Session in Denver and actually made it on the news.

October 19th, 2016, I assisted in a skinning demonstration at the Colorado Springs Sportsmans Warehouse with about 40 attendees, and through the month of October returned all of the banners and accessories to the supporting sponsors from the convention.

October 26th, November 3rd and November 15th, 2016 attended Predator Management Public Meetings in Pueblo, Canon City and Salida.

December 14th, attended the Ft. Collins Predator Management Meeting with roughly 300 attendees.

January, 2017, delivered all the stuff for Chris Jurney to set up the CTPHA Booth at the ISE Sportshow in Denver.

January 24th-26th, 2017 delivered, setup and ran CTPHA Booth at the 2017 Colorado Farm Show along with Randy Smith and Scott Cisco and Fuzzy.

From now throughout the Spring and Summer assist in multiple CTPHA scheduled events and prepare for the FBU Banquet, the WAFWA Conference, our Convention and whatever else is needed.

Historian Dick Hane

I have completed a first sorting of all the materials I have collected from everyone including the last boxes I got from Bill Curns this fall.  There is an amazing amount of info to try to get organized. I will keep working on it as I can spare the time.

Secretary-Treasurer Cheryl Oleyar

Currently our association has 253 members, including 27 life members. Changing magazines has taken extra time and correspondence to try to avoid confusion. Members seem to be happy with the Trappers Post.

Our membership with the National Trappers Association has been renewed. The secretary tries to submit a report for every issue of The Trapper & Predator Caller and The Trappers Post, in which she recognizes new members and alerts readers to upcoming events. She will see that the 990 tax report is filed on time.

She attended the memorial service for Bill Curns and had a “woodsy” arrangement made for the family from the CTPHA. She submitted his obituary to the trapping magazines.


CTPHA’s Spring Membership Meeting will take place

Sunday, February 5, approx 11 am

4-H Building, Lincoln County Fairgrounds

Hugo, CO

Check in your furs for the auction on Sunday morning

and stay for the Membership Meeting!

President’s Report

They say that 2017 is the year of the Rooster. It is definitely going to better than last year, which was the year of the monkey. Many new things and great opportunities exist for Sportsmen of all types. As I write this, Don Clifford and many others are preparing for the Stock Show. Chris Jurney is getting ready to set a CTPHA Booth up at the Denver Sportmen’s Expo and the Colorado Farm Show in Greeley at the end of the month is being attended and represented with our organization by Randy Smith, Gary Crawford, Ethan Gates and Scott Cisco.

The Fur Auction is just around the corner in Hugo with our meetings on February 5th and Fur Check-in on the 4th and 5th and the Auction on the 8th and 9th and the Colorado Wildlife Control Operators Conference follows our Auction in Denver.

On a sad note, longtime member, trapper, sportsman and Fur Auction Consignment agent Bill Curns passed away after a long battle with Cancer on December 29th, 2016. Charitable Contributions can be made to Pikes Peak Hospice and Palliative Care, 2550 Tenderfoot Hill Street, Colorado Springs, CO 80906.

On a lighter note, on December 14th at a highly contested Commission Meeting in Ft. Collins the Colorado Parks and Wildlife Commission unanimously approved going forward with the 2 proposed Predator Management Plans in the Pieance Basin and the Upper Arkansas River Drainage. Thanks to Randy Smith, Gary Crawford, Ethan Gates, and several other CTPHA members for attending. Randy and I testified along with 20 other Sportsmen in support of the plans. It is imperative that we as trappers, predator hunters and sportsmen support scientific professional Wildlife Management. While we might not understand all of the ins and outs of what today’s Wildlife Mangers have to contend with we have to realize that while we will disagree on some things, the Wildlife Managers in this State and others are not the enemy. Working with these agencies on a number of issues for the benefit of the long-term goals and mission are of the utmost importance. We can disagree, negotiate, compromise, fight, for the same goals but they are not our enemies. The enemies were at the December meeting. Their intent is to stop it all. Every Species. Every method of take. Every Season and for any reason.

There are quite a few things coming down the pike during the course of this next year and I will attempt to be engaged and work on behalf of our association, the Furtakers of America, the National Trappers Association and Sportsmen throughout this State.

Remember that March 25th is the Furbearer’s Unlimited Banquet in Grand Junction. Keep checking our website for information on lots of things. Hundreds of people daily are. Mark your calendars for August 25th, 26th and 27th for our Annual Convention and Rendezvous at the Colorado Youth Outdoors Facility in Ft. Collins and keep looking for all the stuff that we are doing throughout the course of the year. This will be our busiest year yet.

I am alert, ready to take action, the first on the scene, the last to leave, I take chances, but I am precise. I know where things belong, I am orderly and fastidious and nothing escapes me. I am always prepared. I never give up or in. I am the Rooster.”……….. 2017 is the year of the rooster.

Happy New Year, help the cause.

Dan Gates


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