2016 Followup Overview Report

Its hard to get use to two different magazine deadlines and trying to make sense of the report for when it will be printed, but we will adapt. We will have a new National President. Depending on who you wanted, you will either be really disgusted or really happy, or just disgusted. Either way, I am looking forward to the change and I did not have to go buy a bunch more ammo and guns before the next inauguration.

Most of you will already have known that the Montana Anti-Trapping Initiative failed. Chalk one up for the good guys. The support from our organization and over 400 donors helped pull this off. Congratulations Montana!

The following is a list of what your organization accomplished this year. The Denver Stock Show, Colorado Farm Show, Colorado Sportsman Expo, our Fur Auction, Heritage Days, Furbearers Unlimited Banquet, Sportsman’s Warehouse Chili Cook off, Cabela’s and Sportsman’s Warehouse Skinning Demonstrations, The Colorado Parks & Wildlife Partners in the Outdoors Conference, Texas Trappers & Predator Hunters Convention, Furtakers of America Convention, Cabelas-Sportsman’s Alliance Hunters Days, our 40th Annual Convention/Rendezvous, Wolf & Mountain Lion testimonies, 8 Commission meetings, CPW and CDot Beaver Seminar, Muley Days, Safari Club Banquets, Sportsman’s Day at the Capital, 4 Capital Testimonies, Predator Management Testimonies, in addition to representation through the Sportsman’s Roundtable, CPW Executive Summit Council, Furtakers of America, National Trappers Association, Sportsman’s Alliance, Habitat Stamp Committee, and numerous other projects and tasks.

A special thanks needs to go out to Gary Crawford, Cheryl Oleyar, Randy Smith, Greg Ashmore, Ethan Gates, Don Clifford, Dan Schirer, and new Raffle Manager Scott Cisco, Kevin Herrman, Joe Herrman, Dan Uhrich and Dick Hane.

All of the Committee members, your input and service is much appreciated. My wife Karen…….You guys do not have any clue what she does for this association .

As you can see we are once again not sitting idol. This is what it takes and everyone who is on the Board or Committee is taking their time, effort and money to keep this organization moving forward. Also all of the volunteers that help out at the Stock Show, the Fur Auction, the Banquet and the Convention, thanks to all of you as well. Keep in mind that all of the sponsors and donors that support our cause are greatly appreciated and should be thanked and serviced whenever you get a chance. Don’t take any of this for granted.

I would like to give Congratulations to Dick Hane for being inducted into the Utah Trappers Association Hall of Fame for 2016. He is a charter member of the CTPHA and an active member of the UTA since 1986. Dick has been a life long trapper, fur buyer and Wildlife Control Operator and has been intricately involved with our association for years. I have known him since 1976 and am proud to call him a friend. I think that Dick is the only out of state resident to ever receive this UTA award.

Keep him and Joan in your thoughts as they have had a tough year. On a personal note I was elected to the Furtakers of America Governing Board and for those who were not at our convention I was awarded the National Trappers Association Leadership Award. Both, are honors and I appreciate the opportunity to continue to serve and make things better for the future.

This next year brings a lot and your board is working diligently on a variety of issues and topics and we will keep you updated. The Fur Auction is February 8th and 9th with check in the 4th and 5th. Our annual meeting will be on the 5th. The FBU Banquet is in Grand Junction on March 25th. Contact any of your board members for additional information.

Until the next issue whenever it is due.

Keep the cockle burrs out,


Dan Gates

Presidents Report

At this writing we are approaching all of the Big Game Seasons. Archery, Muzzeloading, Bear, Antelope, and Moose have passed. Personally, we are slammed work wise and the Sportsmens business along with CTPHA have not slowed down at.

Due to the many things that I have looking at me right now this will be a shorter report (which will make some of you happy.) The Board has layed out a plan for the upcoming year with a plan of representation and attack. Or at least defense. By the time that you read this the elections will probably have been completed. Either you will be happy or thoroughly depressed. Either way, given the State of the Union and the division that I see daily I’m not sure anybody could calm the waters. Depending on what happens, the next Legislative Session here at home could be very interesting to say the least.

If you haven’t paid attention around the country about how Sportsmen and our way of life is being attacked then you should pull your head out of the sand and pick how you can join the fight. With amendments, legislative attempts, law suits, propaganda and lies it is imperative for all to get engaged. I am not just talking about trapping issues or predator hunting issues. The assault on Professional Wildlife Management, consumptive use, along with hunting, fishing and trapping continues to escalate.

In Colorado the Predator Management Plan that is being proposed has strong opposition from numerous Animal Rights and so called environmental groups. As I have said before many times it’s not the fact that we kill too many of anything. It’s the fact that we kill any. Look on the CPW website and read about the financial situation and read about the Predator Management Plan. Email the Commissioners if you can’t attend a meeting and let them know your thoughts. The Animal Rights Bastards are letting them know daily. They are communicating with your Legislators. They are bringing the fight all over this country and back here in Colorado in a non-traditional manner and we need to attempt to draw a line in the sand.

As you go through the Hunting Seasons and start the upcoming Fur Season don’t worry about prices. While it might be easier said then done enjoy the opportunity that you have. Think about how important it is to you and what you can do to help keep it.

I had a guy tell me the other day that said he hasn’t trapped for several years because there is not enough money in it. But he was getting ready to go Deer and Elk Hunting and then had a Whitetail Deer Hunt in Kansas later this year. When I asked him how much money he made off of those hunting trips he just laughed. He said point well taken and maybe he would throw a few traps out anyway. Trappers are a fickled bunch. I am one and I see the potential but I also see an overall different mentality compared to other Sportsmen’s groups.

Estimates are that Colorado has 926,000 Sportsmen. Of that roughly 1000 are trappers. Of that how many do you actually think do what we are talking about? Divide and conquer. A pretty good strategy? I’m not sure what I propose is completely right, but I know that what we are doing in this association is for the benefit of the cause and is progress in the making and is way better than the alternative.

Enjoy this year and take a look in the mirror, look at history and learn from our mistakes.

The Animal Rights Groups take this seriously and we as Sportsmen should too.

President, Dan Gates


WOW! When I was a young man I was told that time flies the older that you get or when you are having fun. When you are having fun and you are getting older I think it flies even faster. As you read this the Fur Season will be upon us and 2016 will almost be in the books.

Our 40th Annual Convention at Rocky Mountain Roosters was a huge success. The Friday Night Shotgun Shoot was a big hit as were the Saturday Score Card Shotgun Shoots. Once again the Trappers Obstacle Course was a blast with Jason Jackson taking this years first prize and a .17HMR Rifle to boot. A special thanks goes out to CPW Game Wardens Zach and Bob Holder who spent time in our Dunk a Warden fundraiser. Quite a few vendors from many states showed up as well.

The Saturday Night Barbecue and Auction was super and a lot of money was made for our Association. This was one for the ages and next year’s event is shaping up to be fantastic as well. August 25th, 26th and 27th at the Colorado Youth Outdoors Facility at Ft. Collins is the time and place. Mark your calendars.

We had such impressive participation this year and we need to thank NTA President Chris McAllister and FTA reps Dave Hastings and Gary Jepson for attending. A big trappers thank you also goes out to Brett Axton, Bill Lieb and staff at the Rocky Mountain Roosters Hunting Club. They helped us pull off a spectacular weekend. I would also like to thank the following Sponsors. Pueblo Toyota, Cabelas, Western Cats Inc., Wicked Rigs, Sportsman’s Warehouse, Ponderosa Outfitters, Colorado Parks and Wildlife, Davis Tent and Awning, Congressional Sportsmens Foundation, Texas Trappers and Fur Hunters Association, RMC Distributing for their evening refreshments, Safari Club International, Trappers Rendezvous and the Raffle Girls, Pueblo Sporting Goods, Rusler Impelments, Big D Motorsports, Comstock Cage Traps, Colorado Rid-a-Critter, Bookcliffs Fur, Capital Wildlife Solutions, Advantage Builders and a big Thank you to the Shootin Den and to Rocky Mountain Roosters. Without these sponsors we could not pull off such a fantastic event. The next time you see these guys thank them. Shake their hand and service their business. They support trapping, fur harvesting, predator hunting and sportsmen as a whole.

Many thanks also go out to our Demo providers including, Jerry Brown, Randy Smith, Casey Payne, Robert Helms, Major Boddicker, Tom Beaudette, Chris McAllister and Kevin Herrman. All of the vendors that showed up are much appreciated and we hope that you had a splendid time as well. Bird Dog Barbecue provided the Saturday Night meal and everyone loved it. Additionally, a big thanks goes out to all of the Board and Volunteers who helped out and to Ed Kovitz our Auctioneer and Steve Holt the Sunday morning Pastor. We would also like to thank Ms. Rodeo Colorado Kelsie Winslow for attending and graciously accepting her Silver Fox Fur Coat that our Association provides.

Trapper and Predator Hunter of the Year was Kandy Herrman, Wildlife Professional of the Year was Joe Herrman, Workhorse of the Year was Dan Schirer and Jr. Trapper & Predator Hunter of the Year was John Beaudette.

If you have not attended one of our Convention/Rendezvous in the last five years you are missing out. Just because we have limitations here does not mean that we are limited. This is an opportunity to support what you cherish, and collaborate with other trappers and sportsmen while defending the traditions and heritage of what we strive for. Once again, mark your calendars for next year. It will be bigger and better.

All Officers including myself were reelected and we are already planning on what the next year will bring. The upcoming election and legislative session will once again be rocky but we are working together with other groups, legislators and Colorado Parks and Wildlife to make a plan and create a defense collectively. Email updates will be sent as needed to keep you informed in a timely fashion.

Our support of multiple groups is recognized and well received and those alliances that are being built are paying dividends. We will continue to fight and others are supporting our cause. This is about everyone. Every sportsman, every species, every method of take.

Scott Cisco is our new Raffle Manager. Thanks to Dan Schirer for making the Raffle great during his term.

Scott is hitting the ground running.

My involvement continues to increase on multiple levels and I am doing my best to represent the cause well. Mark your calendars for the Commission meeting in December in Ft. Collins for the final vote on the Predator Management Plan. This will put the enviros at center stage and the Sportsman’s voices will need to be heard. Further information can be had about 10 days out on the Colorado Parks and Wildlife website under Commission Meetings. If you cannot attend it is imperative that you send an email to all of the Commissioners indicating your support for the plan, scientific Wildlife Management and the North American Model of Wildlife Conservation.

I have heard from some Sportsmen on different fronts that they don’t have the time to go to a meeting or go to the capital or attend a Sportsman’s Caucus or to even send an email. That is why we fail. The animal rights groups that want to take away what we have and do treat this like a job. Hate them as you will but they are a dedicated and passionate bunch. If we can not find time to legitimately engage ,then we have no room to bitch and complain. A few of us can not do this on our own. When I am at these meetings, hearings and events it is the same few individuals from multiple organizations that are carrying the load and fighting the fight. Banquets and Fundraisers and Expo’s are all well and good but while we are doing that, the wacko’s are suing, creating ballot initiatives and working with legislators to proceed with their agenda. I know I am preaching to the choir but I am telling you that the choir better start to sing. The longer that we as sportsmen wait the more that we get behind and the more ground that we loose.

Only catch prime fur this year and help carry the torch.

Dan Gates




The heat is on. Literally. It has been hotter than hell. For those of you that use foot hold traps and dye and wax them it has been good weather for that and it has been good weather for making wax dirt. Some days even too hot. It seems that the more that we get involved, the more that people, other associations and entities want us to get involved.

After the legislative sessions things have been somewhat quite, but don’t let that fool anyone, the dragon is growing hungry and this next session might prove to be one that separates the men from the boys. We intend to be survivors. That being said we all need to come together. All sportsmen. Elk hunters, Turkey hunters, Bowhunters, Trappers, and everyone who enjoys the great outdoors. The blood that runs through our veins cannot be let to run cold. The phrase, death by 1000 cuts is the absolute truth.

During this election year, nationwide and in many states the dragon will attempt to feed and it is our responsibility to stay the course and put the fire in the dragon’s belly out.

If this sound like a raw raw speech it is. Everyone needs to wake up. If you don’t you will have no one to blame but yourself.

The Federal lawsuit that Wildearth Guardians has filed in Montana is something that everyone interested in what we do needs to pay attention to. Not only can it make our lives miserable it could also set a precedent nationwide. Your association is doing what it can but it is in the legal system and besides supporting the cause financially our hands are sort of tied. If you have questions regarding this and other current issues do not hesitate to contact me or anyone of your board members. Once again you need to be aware of these issues.

Now on to general news. On June 4th Cheryl and myself set up in Memorial Park in Colorado Springs for a Heritage Outdoor Days that Colorado Parks and Wildlife put on. Over 3000 people attended and 1000 fishing poles where given out. We made a ton of contacts, gave out a ton of scrap fu and FTA Trading Card packs.

June 11th all but 1 of the entire board met in Silverthorne for our Annual Summer Meeting. A lot was discussed and accomplished. Updates will be given at the General Meeting at the Convention.

June 18th, Karen, myself and Cheryl once again attended the Sportman’s Warehouse Chili Cook off. This year the girls took 2nd place and represented the association well. Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation won this year. Reining champ Duck’s Unlimited placed last. The girls were especially happy!

Randy Smith, Gary Crawford and Ethan Gates will be setting up a booth on July 9th at the Lonetree Cabela’s in conjunction with Sportsman’s Alliance. We were invited to attend and looks like they might be interested in attending our convention as well.

On to convention news. Once again the dates are September 2nd, 3rd and 4th at the Rocky Mountain Roosters Hunting Club. The address is 19184 County Rd 78, Calhan, CO it’s about 30 miles East of Colorado Springs on Hwy 24 and several miles North. Signs will be posted. Set up will begin at 3:00 p.m on September 1st. NO EARLY BIRDS!! As usual we have tons of sponsors including, Rocky Mountain Roosters, Pueblo Toyota, Texas Trappers and Fur Hunters Association, Advantage Builders, Davis Tents, Cabela’s. Congressional Sportsman’s Foundation, Colorado Parks and Wildlife, Western Cats Inc, Ponderosa Outfitters, Sportsman’s Warehouse, Wicked Rigs, Trappers Rendezvous, Colorado Chapter of Safari Club International, Comstock Cage Traps, Big D Motorsports, Bookcliffs Fur, Capital Wildlife Solutions, Colorado Rid-a-Critter, Rusler Implement, Shootin’ Den, and Pueblo Sporting Goods. As you can see we have quite the line up.

Once again there is camping on site for $20.00 for the weekend per space. Weekend Gate Passes are $5.00 a head. Vendors and tailgater space is available. Contact Joe or myself at 719 275-4077 or 970 309-0865. Pets must be leashed. NO ATV’S except for Handicapped or Disabled. Fire bans could be possible. There is no electric or water for camping. Cadillac Jacks RV Park is7 miles away their number is 719 347-2000. The Calhan Inn has some lodging left and their number is 719 347-9589 or you can also try the other number 719 640-3695 or you can try online. Additional motels on the Eastside of Colorado Springs can be found with a little bit of a drive about 25 to 30 minutes. Econo Lodge at 719 638-5800 or Super 8 at 719 597-4100. Both are on the Eastside of Colorado Springs and others are also in the area.

Vendors and displays will be available on Friday afternoon and all day Saturday. The Trappers Obstacle Course will be on Saturday at 3:30. Demo’s will be conducted by Major Boddicker, Roger Helms, Jeff Dunnier, Casey Payne, Randy Smith along with Jerry Brown and others. These are some the best in the business. We will also have the Dunk a Warden and the new big event will be the FRIDAY NIGHT SHOTGUN SHOOT AT 6:00 P.M. It will be a 50% payback to the winners and 50% to the association. This will be a great addition as we already have over 50 shooters lined up. Bring your shotguns. Saturday Night’s Barbecue will be supplied by BirdDog Barbecue and will be $15.00 per plate. Live auctions and raffles will follow.

Sunday there will be a Trapper Church, Board and Membership Meetings, Shooting Contest (open to the public) Awards, etc. There will be food on site for the weekend.

This is a private hunting club. Their rules apply. Waivers will be signed at registration. This is a fantastic location and will accommodate our event well.

Fliers on the event and on the Shotgun Shoot will be sent out, will be on the website and in the different publications. Please come to support the cause, represent your organization and have fun. This is our 40th Annual Event and the associations 41st birthday. Hope to see you there. Karen and I will be at the Fur Takers Convention next week trying to drum up more interest. Keep in mind that we need more auction and raffle items so if everyone would try it would help the kiddy. If you don’t want to go ask for something ,go buy something to donate. If you are not sure what to get. Think about what you would want. This is your event Your association and for your cause. Help us make it great. Also, we will need help with setup, running the event and cleanup. Don’t be shy, we need your help.

Keep the Hane family and Curn’s family in your prayers.

Dan Gates

May/June President’s Report


Greetings all. Hope everyone has their fur sheds all cleaned up from the past season and I am sure you already have your equipment together for next year. If you don’t you are just like me. I didn’t think that we could get any busier however, with work heating up and all of the association stuff has even gotten busier.

Multiple testimony at the Capital for the Bear Bill and the Wildlife Trafficking and Poaching Bill were conducted to no avail as the partisan committees voted against one and for the other. Both against sportsmen.

Additionally we attended the Sportsmen Caucus at the Capital where we helped sponsor the event for Sportsmen Day along with the Congressional Sportsmen Foundation and many other Sportsmen’s groups. We provided Elk Burgers and Moose Dogs that were supplied by Steve’s Meat Market and we fed almost 300 people on the East Lawn of the Capital. We set a CTPHA Booth up with multiple other organizations as well.

As I mentioned in the last column, Karen and I went to Texas for their convention in Brownwood where we also set a booth up. I conducted a Cage Trapping Demo and have quite a bit of interest from them about our association. I also got a chance to have a good sit down with Marv Miller. He doing pretty good ,considering.

On April 23rd I conducted a Skinning Demonstration at the Sportsmans Warehouse for around 30 people. Also, on the 28th and 29th I was at the Keystone Conference Center for the CPW Outdoor Partnership Conference along with over 350 representatives from multiple Sportsman and Recreation Groups. Not only was this informative, I have to say that I believe we need to take every opportunity to engage wherever we can. Without this interaction Sportsmen as a whole continue to fall further and further behind. This was very worth while and will definitely help us with future contacts and references.

April 30th was our 3rd FBU/CTPHA Banquet in Grand Junction. A packed house and the greatest event yet. Special kudos to George and Cindy Seff, Banquet organizer Kandy Herrman and her entire klan. The Urhrich Family was a giant help as well. Bruce Bartow came down from Idaho and Gary Crawford made the drive over from Denver. Karen, Ethan and I also attended where I helped lead the event on the microphone and Karen did all the gun background checks. Tons of donors and sponsors really helped pull this off and it was a giant success. CPW Director Bob Broschied was our keynote speaker with a very impassioned presentation. Miss Rodeo Colorado Madeline Mills also attended and was a great asset to the festivities. We just got back hours ago and final numbers are not in yet but the event was fantastic.

Tons and tons of other events and activities are going on in May and June and due to the time lapse between TPC issues what is in this column could be delayed but for up to date information you can always go the website at coloradotrapper.com and see where we are at and what we are doing. Once again if you really want to keep up to date on things think about forwarding your email address to Cheryl Oleyar at c.oleyar@comcast.net. We are trying to make this more streamlined and efficient.

Once again, in June the Board will be meeting in Silverthorne for our mid-year meeting so we can discuss what has happened, what is going to happen and what we need to do.

The Convention is coming together with numerous sponsors. It is a fantastic facility at the Rocky Mountain Roosters Hunting Club just 7 miles North of Calhan, Colorado and about 30 miles East of Colorado Springs. Local lodging is limited but there is ample lodging in Colorado Springs or even further East in Limon if one is just coming for a day or two. Cadillac Jacks RV Park is in Calhan and is a full service RV Park. Their number 719 347-2000. Their is lots of space at the Rocky Mountain Roosters site for camping. No Services are there however. Tents and RV’s are all welcome. The former Econo Lodge in Calhan is now called the Calhan Inn but you are kinda on your own for contact. Their listed number is 719 347-9589. Hotels.com also has information on them or their toll free number is 800-491-6126.

Friday night we will have a big Shotgun Shoot, (September 2nd,) half of the proceeds will go the shooters and half back the association. We already have quite a few interested shotgunners. So to keep updated check the website and in the next TPC issue and fliers will also be sent out.

If you have any convention questions,about vendors, sponsors, tailgaters, etc. call 719 275-4077 or call 970-309-0865.

Wax your traps before it is too hot.

Dan Gates
President Colorado Trappers & Predator Hunters Association


Spring President Report 2016


Spring has sprung. Well actually in Colorado we had a lot of Spring like weather in February and March, so I am not really sure when Spring is anymore but if you look at the Fur Season and auctions it doesn’t help you decide on seasons either.

Our State auction was a huge success especially if you were selling Coyotes. A run down of the report is available here but the full report is available on our website. The Spring meeting at the auction was fairly well attended and several items were discussed relating to the state of the association, the industry and issues surrounding sportsmen and wildlife management.

In the past month and a half or so we have attended several meetings at the State Capital including the Sportsmans Caucus and Animal Welfare Caucus as well as meetings with CPW Director Broschied. The March Commission Meeting was not as contentious as the January one where Wolves were the hot topic but things are heating up for a very very active year.

We attended the Colorado Chapter SCI Banquet on March 5th in Colorado Springs. The President of that Chapter is also the owner of the Rocky Mountain Roosters Hunting Club were we are having our convention East of Colorado Springs over Labor Day Weekend. On that same day I attended the Sportmans Roundtable in Buena Vista prior to heading to Colorado Springs. It’s good for the association to have a seat on this committee. Several other meetings in March were the norm and we are working with potential sponsors for this years convention as well. April 2nd found us at the Denver SCI Banquet were they gave us a booth for us to promote our cause. The President of this Chapter supported our FBU Banquet and the Colorado Chapter supported our convention.

Karen and I attended the Texas Trappers and Fur Hunters Convention in mid-April were I was asked to conduct a demo. We picked up a few members and sold more raffle tickets as well. Depending on when you get this, the FBU Banquet in Grand Junction might be just around the corner or it might have already happened but the date is or was April 30th, 2016. Two days prior to the banquet I am attending The Partners in the Outdoors Conference in Keystone where over 200 other recreation and sportsmens groups will also be present. I will follow-up in the next issue.

The upcoming May CPW Commission Meeting is in Grand Junction and this might be a good display of fireworks. For more information you can go to the CPW website and pop up the Agenda. The dates are the 12th and 13th of May.

We are also asking for email addresses of members so we can have a better level of communication and to get information out more efficiently, in a timely manner and to save on postage costs. If you don’t have an email in todays day and age you should. For those you don’t think they need one, you do. The animal rights groups are using advance technologies and by using emails as opposed to using snail mail it is just one small thing that we can do to better defend our cause. Please forward it to our Secretary/Treasurer at c.oleyar@comcast.net.

Other activities that we are engaging in will be included on the Events Page on the website. Use the website. It is a great tool and since it’s revamping and updating 10 months ago over 9000 people have visited it. Additionally, there are pictures of the hats, patches and decals that can also be ordered from the Secretary/Treasurer. The Board will have another meeting this summer somewhere in the Central part of the State and it is time to start thinking about Sponsorships and participation at the convention. For more information on these or other issues contact myself or Vice President Joe Herrman or any of the other Board Members.

Until next time,

Dan Gates, President


MEMBERSHIP MEETING, February 7, 2016

Vice President Joe Herrman

Hello there fellow trappers! We are in the final leg of our trapping season and I hope your fur sheds are getting full. This year has been a pretty busy year for us. Lots of nuisance work last fall, with not a lot of prep time for fur season. This trapping season I have been mentoring a couple of new trappers who have recently become members of the CTPHA. I have helped them get started with getting some equipment and lure. I also gave them some beaver meat to use for bait. The younger trapper of the two that I have been helping caught his first cat the second week of the season the other trapper is having issues with getting the cats to commit to the cages.

The first week of December we moved to northwest Colorado to set up our winter camp and our dual state trap line. While there we were asked to help the Utah Division of Wildlife with some trapping poaching cases. The game wardens over there do not want what happened to Colorado to happen in Utah, trapping law wise, and neither do any of us.

We are already working on ideas for the next convention/rendezvous for this fall. We will be needing sponsorships, vendors and lots of participation. We will also be attending the Palisade Heritage days where we will be setting up an educational booth with furs, skulls, garments made of fur and traps to show people how valuable this renewable resource is and also to preserve our heritage. Then on the same day, when we are done with heritage days, we will turn around and go work/attend our 3rd annual FBU/CTPHA banquet. This event is always a lot of fun and well worth the effort.

Secretary-Treasurer Cheryl Oleyar

Our recent name change has added a little extra work, but we anticipate our association will have a broader appeal as a result. Thanks to our President and Stephen Barrington, our webmaster, we have a very attractive and expanded website.

Membership in early February is at 259, compared to 243 a year ago. New members in 2015 totaled 68! We have 29 life members.

The secretary prepared labels for logo selection and raffle ticket mailings. Letters are sent to new members with general info about our association and upcoming events. She also sends alerts those whose memberships are expiring.

The Treasurer has prepared the General Fund’s 2015 Financial Statement and reviews the financial statements from the other accounts to make sure they are accurate and that back-up documents are provided for preparation of our 990 tax report.

Northwest Regional Director Kevin Herrman

It’s been busy in our neck of the woods; work, hunting seasons, moving, trapping and CTPHA activities.

Preparations have begun for the upcoming FBU banquet on April 30th. To ensure a successful banquet, donations and sponsorships are needed. More member participation with donations, help with set-up, clean-up, and ticket sales will help make this event an even bigger success than the previous years. The banquet is a lot of fun and a great source of revenue, but requires a lot of man hours to pull off.

Joe and I will be setting up a booth at Heritage Days in Palisade again this spring, and of course, it would just so happen to fall on the same day as the FBU banquet; what a busy day that will be for my family!

We helped out with the CTPHA Western Regional Meeting that Dick Hane put together this fall, the event was fun, informative and an overall success. Thanks, Dick!

Jerry Apker, the furbearer management coordinator for Colorado Parks & Wildlife, requested marten skulls for Jen Graurer, a graduate student who is investigating certain genetic aspects of marten distribution. I will be providing some marten skulls for her research and will receive a copy of her initial report and final thesis.

Southwest Regional Director Daniel Uhrich

I attended the western regional seminar at Dick Hane’s place in Fruita Colorado. Roy Bradly and myself teamed up to put on a cage trapping seminar and a night calling seminar. In December I ran a seminar with the CPW teaching approximately 30 people the basics of predator calling and cage trapping. This was a hands on seminar that lasted about 3 hours. I will not be able to attend the fur auction in Hugo. Starting on getting people rallied up for the FBU Banquet.

Northeast Regional Director Randy Smith

My daughter Roarinbrook and I attended the International Sportsmen’s Expo this year and walked through the event handing out and speaking out about the wolf issues in the news to our fellow sportsman.

I attended the CPW commission hearing regarding the proposed wolf introduction and I will gladly share my observations and interpretation of that most charged and emotional events attended by a very diverse crowd

Roarinbrook and I also attended the western Stock Show, working the booth assisting sales and sharing conversations, answering questions and handing out information

I worked the three days of the Colorado Farm Show in Greeley and I would like to especially thank Ethan Gates and Gary Crawford for their help and participation in making it a success in both delivering our message to the visitors, fellow venders and our sponsoring host CPW and recruiting some new members.  I’ve received several phone calls from folks we encountered wanting more information about fur harvesting and education, as well as, folks looking for animal control on their properties, ranches and farms 

I am looking forward to seeing you all in Hugo and sharing conversations, stories about what we’ve experienced as we move our association forward with its changes, traditions and demanding future. 

Southeast Regional Director Ethan Gates

As was directed by the president, I picked up and ran proofs, logos, banners and advertising items back and forth to the printers and then distributed them to the appropriate people for the Denver Sport Show and the Colorado Farm Show.

Attended the January, 2016 Wildlife Commission Meeting in Denver for representation of the association on the wolf resolution that the commission passed. Attended and set up and ran the Colorado Farm Show Booth in Greeley along with Randy Smith and Gary Crawford. Had a good turnout while setting up with Colorado Parks and Wildlife and educating and informing farmers, ranchers, and the general public.

Have been working on assisting in setting up the convention rendezvous in Calhan at Rocky Mountain Roosters. Will be attending multiple spring and summer events for education and wildlife related issues as well.

Metro Regional Director Gary Crawford

Miss Rodeo Colorado 2016, Madelaine Mills, was crowned at the Stock Show. She’s from Castle Rock. She will be holding a Sponsor Appreciation and fund raiser in Colorado Springs on the 27th of Feb. at the ProRodeo Hall of Fame starting at 6 pm. Tickets are $35 adults, $5 children. Bruce Bartow and I plan to attend.

I helped out at the Stock Show and Farm Show. I’ll let Don Clifford and Randy Smith expound on those events.

I’m looking for someone with better educational skills than I to do some talks to students in Aurora. I was approached, at the Stock Show, by Justin Hudson, Paris Elementary School, Aurora. His cell # is 303-429-2762.

Western Stock Show Booth Manager Don Clifford

The stock show went very well! We broke our old record by several thousand gross. We also had to buy a new tablet and cash register. We are still looking for a new trailer 7’ by 14’ with tandem axles. We presented Miss Rodeo Colorado with a coyote coat. We also presented Miss Rodeo America a red fox coat at the booth. Both were very well received!

Raffle Manager Dan Schirer

General raffle tickets have been mailed out to the member list. This year 3 books were sent (2 books previously) as the postage was the same. To date we have generated approximately $800.00 in sales. The stock and ag show sales are not reflected in this amount.

To date I have not received any letters of interest from our youths. Please pass the word to all about the opportunity to attend the 2016 Whittington Center Adventure Camp. Please have all those youths between 13-17 send their letters of interest to Dan Schirer, PO Box 583, Silt, CO 81652.

Facebook Committee Report, Kacy Herrman

Our Facebook page is currently followed by 969 people. We saw a large increase after changing the name and updating the logo.

We follow many other trapping organizations and try to interact with them. Many of the state organizations have Facebook pages that are quite entertaining and informative – Alaska, Montana and Wyoming are just a few.

In October, Gary Crawford and the CTPHA received a “sponsor spotlight” from Miss Rodeo Colorado for the donation of the fur coat.

If you know of any upcoming events that you think may be of interest to our followers, please send the information to Klherrman@yahoo.com and I will get it posted on the page. It seems that I wasn’t aware of a couple events that CTPHA participated in and we missed a chance for some free advertising.

President Report by Dan Gates

Attended the November Commission Meeting in Wray and conducted a power point presentation on the Ft. Morgan Convention/Rendezvous. Also informed the commission about the scholarship opportunities for the Whittington Center and college scholarships.

Worked extensively on faciliting the logo committees submissions and going through the process of selecting a logo that the members voted on. Spent numerous hours working with the printers, designers etc. for membership brochures, letterhead, banners, hats, decals, patches, the website and other advertising items to retool and address future needs.

Have spent countless hours working as a representative for the CTPHA on the BigGame Forever Steering Committtee that has been formed to work toward the potential wildlife ballet inititives. Phone calls and conference calls along with behind the scenes activities have heated up and the group is working with national and state organizations along with individuals, legislatures, the Colorado Parks and Wildlife, the Wildlife Council and others in trying to formulate a formible opposition to what is most certainly coming down the pike.

HSUS submitted an open records request for all documentation that CPW has pertaining furbearers, mountain lions, bears and other species. If one looks as to what happens in other states this in once again the real thing here and while we are in the infancy stages of this process it is imperative that we remain involved individually and as a association. The divide and concour mentality of the opposition can not be allowed to move forward.

We had representation from multiple members at the Wildlife Commission Meeting in Denver. The Stock Show set records. The booth at the ISE Sport show that member Chris Jurney provided in his booth paid dividends and the Colorado Farm Show Booth that we were invited to set up with Colorado Parks and Wildlife was a success as well. Randy Smith, Gary Crawford and Ethan Gates ran the booth. This is what we need to do to continue to stay relevant.

Multiple events, meetings and conferences are already schedule for the next several months and reports will be given on the website and in the Trapper Predator Caller Magazine but because of scensitivity and confendiallty issues surrounding the mentioned wildlife concerns not all current information will be distributed until it is made public. There might come a time when individuals in the association need to participate from a variety of different directions.

Director Brochied with CPW has indicated he will be present to speak at the FBU banquet at Grand Junction on April 30th. Plans for the convention/rendezvous at the Rocky Mountain Roosters are coming together and sponsorships are available.

March President’s Report for 2016

Happy Volatile Fur Season. I was told that if you don’t like roller coasters you should not be connected to the fur industry. I definitely do not like roller coasters. But with my connections over the last 40 years in the industry I have learned to accept this. It’s no different than the fur traders in the early 1800’s. What goes up must come down. Who would have thought that oil prices would be connected to everything on the planet including tax revenues for Government.

The last commission meeting in January where the Wolf Resolution was acted upon was attended by Directors Ethan Gates, Randy Smith and quite a few members like Mike Powell from Trinidad and Chris Jurney from Craig. This topic is not finished yet and our friends on the animal rights side are continuing to show their ignorance when it comes to professional Wildlife Management. There is actually proof that some people should not be able to produce. This and other issues are likely to become hot topics during this election year. We are actively engaged in the discussions and are participating heavily in the process. If you need more information or want to know exactly what is going on email me or one of the board members and we will attempt to update you with the most current information.

The Fur Auction is in the books and the report and results along with meeting updates will be posted in the next issue.

The Stock Show was a great success. We also set a booth up at the Denver Sport Show, a special thanks to Chris Jurney for allowing us to put a booth in his booth. Without him we would not have gotten in. Randy Smith, Ethan Gates and Gary Crawford set up and ran the booth that we shared with CPW at the Colorado Farm Show in Greeley. New members were obtained at all locations and our new name appears to show interest with like minded individuals that partake in the fur harvesting season. While membership is important, active and participating members is more important. This is your association. The Board is doing what it can to make it better and the members that are stepping up are greatly appreciated. If you have an interest and can dedicate time, effort or money step up to the plate.

Given the fact of where we are and trying to be proactive and move forward we are requesting members to submit an email address for communication purposes. Not only postal delivery becoming cost prohibitive they don’t call it snail mail because it is fast. There are issues that are coming up that we are involved with where we will need to be able to inform and communicate with you faster and more efficiently. In today’s day and age if you do not have an email address you should. If you do not want an email address then just realize that you can’t be kept in the loop in an effective manner.

We have multiple meetings and appearances in February, March and April. The FurBearers Unlimited Banquet in Grand Junction on April 30th, should be attended by all that can. Contact Kandy Herrman 970 379 6024 or Vice President Joe Herrman 970 309 0865 for more information.

New Patches, Decals and Hats are available from the Secretary/Treasurer and we hope to have those on the Website for viewing as well.

Until next month, keep your guns loaded.

Dan Gates

President Colorado Trappers & Predator Hunters Association


 February President’s Report for 2016

The Holidays are over. The Stock Show is complete and we have exhibited at the Denver Sport Show and the Colorado Farm Show to hundreds of thousands of people. New members are joining the forces. The Fur Auction is just ahead. Cautious optimism or maybe optimistic pessimism is this years fur story. Don’t be surprised how cheap stuff could get. I had one guy complain about fur prices off of a inquiry on our website. I asked him how many fur coats he has ever bought? He responded I don’t have that kind of money and I told him he could have one made out of the furs he harvested. If all trappers and furharvesters would support the cause and purchase a coat, vest, blanket etc. it would not solve the woes of the industry but it would make a dent on North American Sales and maybe help out in the long run. I bet there was more televisions and smart phones under last years Christmas Tree than there was fur items. A little bit of self accountability in the industry would surely pay some dividends.

The new year brings a higher level of political issues, in State, and Nationally. Your association is participating in a level that is not only necessary but also a means to keep us relevant and promote who we are, what we do and what we stand for. Many events, seminars and activities are planned and a big special thanks needs to go out to all the people that make it happen in our group.

If you get this in time prior to the Fur Auction our Membership and Board Meetings are on February 7th in Hugo. Your attendance to this and other activities is appreciated. At the events that we do this year we are going to try and have association items such as hats and shirts available.

In the last letter that I sent out I mentioned important Wildlife issues that are coming down the pike. It is not yet been determined at what level the Sportsmen of Colorado will be attacked but there is significant chatter and rumblings behind enemy lines and as we move forward it is imperative that we stay focused and collaborate with the other groups, associations and agencies in order to attempt to defend not only what we have, but what we could possibly lose. When the time comes, members of all associations need to be prepared to respond and our group is no different. We will keep you updated ,so keep alert.

Hope your furs sold well, until next month.

Dan Gates

President Colorado Trappers & Predator Hunters Association

The official website for Colorado trappers & predator hunters