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What is the CTPHA ?

The Colorado Trappers and Predator Hunters Association (CTPHA)
is an organization of trappers and other interested individuals
solidly dedicated to the following principles.

1. Preservation and improvement of the harvesting and marketing
of wild fur bearing animals.

2. Education of youth and the general public about trapping as
a wildlife management tool and it’s necessity.

3. Humane and ethical treatment of wildlife.

4. Assistance to CTPHA  members to help each one improve their trapping techniques, equipment, fur handling, and marketing.

5. Assistance to government wildlife authorities in the management
of wildlife in Colorado.

6. General promotion of our unique trapping heritage.


Why should YOU join?

If you are a Colorado Trapper, you need the CTPHA and the CTPHA welcomes you.

Wildlife harvesting and trapping are among

the oldest professions in the history of man. In recent years
we have seen increased attacks by many organizations and individuals against trapping, fur harvesting, the use of fur and various outdoor sports and agricultural activities.

The CTPHA  promotes pride in the profession
of trapping today and in trapping’s historic heritage. Although
trappers have traditionally been known for having an independent
nature, you need a voice to stand up for trapping as the honorable
profession and activity it is. The CTPHA , established in 1975, is
recognized both statewide and nationally as the voice for Colorado’s trappers and a source of training in the profession.

All those truly concerned about the future of trapping, wildlife
and the outdoors should get involved.

In addition, the CTPHA  has a variety of activities for your benefit
throughout the year. These are listed on the “Current &
Planned Events” page of this site.

There is work to be done!

Outwitting a coyote or stopping damage caused by animals is no
longer our biggest challenge. It is critical and urgent that we
inform the general public and all potential trappers about the
need for trapping and it’s benefits.

We are going beyond information booths
at public events. We are continually striving to more effectively
expand our educational efforts into state and local governmental
decision making and into the media.

 CTPHA sponsors trapping clinics at the annual CTPHA Rendezvous over Labor Day weekend to assist the trappers of Colorado with their trapping techniques, their fur marketing, and their public relations skills.

We need YOU, your ideas, abilities, time,
financial resources, help enthusiasm for the tradition of trapping
and anything else you would like to offer. We have a lot to offer
in return!







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